What To Do When Your Car Needs To Be Towed


If you are stuck on the side of the road, it can be quite distressing. The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you will need to get your car towed. Before you do anything, be sure to remember the following important steps:

Pull over to a safe spot

Is your car blocking the flow of traffic? If you are in the middle of the road, you will need to pull over so that you don’t cause an accident. If the engine is not running, you will need to push your car off the road. You should have reflective warning triangle in your car and in the case of a breakdown, put them out to warn other motorists. If possible, turn on your hazard lights. If it is not possible, you should tie something red to your car to increase visibility.

Call in the claim

loading-broken-car-on-tow-truckIt might be tempting to call a towing service as soon as you encounter a problem but you should contact your warranty provider first. If your vehicle has an extended warranty, it’s important for you to submit your claim and request instructions. Your warranty provider might allow you to choose any towing company you wish or you may have to contact somebody on their approved list. In some cases, they may even contact a tow truck on your behalf. Make sure that you understand your obligations as well as what to expect on their part. You should also ask for a time estimate on the arrival of the towing service.

Call the authorities

If you were involved in an accident, you will also need to contact the relevant authorities to report the incident. This is not only the case if you were involved in an accident with another motorist, but also when property damage is involved. Failing to report an accident can have serious legal implications. You will also need a case number in order to claim from your accident insurance. Even if another driver is at fault, their insurance company will need your claim number.

Remove your valuables

While you wait, you should take the time to remove any important or valuable items from your vehicle. This goes for items of sentimental value too. Not only is this for your own peace of mind, but it’s also to ensure that you have all of your belongings and you don’t need to make a trip to the location where your vehicle is being stored while awaiting repairs. Towing companies and repairers are not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items left behind in your car.

Stay calm, wait, and do not dehydrate

Now, all you can do is wait and stay calm. Try not to drain the battery on your phone; you never know when you might need to make another phone call. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and snack occasionally to keep your strength up. A tow truck might arrive within minutes if you are close to the city, but if you are further away, it can take an hour, or perhaps even longer.

Where will your car be taken?

broken-carWhen the tow truck arrives, make sure that you know where your car will be taken. The driver might be willing to drop you off somewhere along the way, or you can travel along with the car to wherever it will go. It is best to have the car towed to the place where it will most likely be repaired. If you have it towed to your home, you will have to pay to have it towed again from your home to the repair shop. Make sure that the driver provides you with a collection slip that you can keep as proof that they towed your car. Your warranty provider will also need a receipt as proof of what you paid to have the car towed. You will be reimbursed after submitting your receipt. Ask the driver for their name and feel free to take down the license plate number of the tow truck too. They should give you a business card or contact details of the tow truck company. You should also ask for the contact details of the repairer. If you decide to go along with your car to the repair shop, you could always ask them for a business card. Feel free to follow up with your warranty provider regarding the progress of your claim and, if necessary, inquire about a courtesy vehicle. Keep in mind, courtesy cars are usually only available for a certain amount of time. After which, if your car is still not fixed, you may have to rent a car while repairs are being completed.

For peace of mind, it’s important to ensure that your car is always covered by a suitable warranty. Contact A-Protect Warranty today at 1-866-660-6444 for professional assistance from our friendly team. Not only will we help you select the best extended warranty, but we will also keep your personal needs in your mind while we do so.

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