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One of the main concerns every time you drive is road safety. Not only do you need to consider possible risks that you may encounter out on the road, but you must also make sure that your car is safe. Vehicle safety features help keep you, your travel companions, and fellow road users safe. The good news is that vehicle safety has come a long way over the years and regular improvements made by car manufacturers mean improved safety. It should go without saying that you should look for a vehicle with sufficient airbags and you should always buckle up even if you’re driving short distances. Listed below are some other safety features to look for.

Adaptive cruise control

adaptive-cruise-controlMost new cars come with this feature. With the help of sensors and radar technology, this feature helps ensure that you keep a safe distance from any vehicles ahead. The throttle is automatically applied when needed and brakes are employed automatically when there is traffic ahead. This is a great feature for long distance drivers but it’s not something you would use in a busy city. This system will trigger sharp braking and tighten the seatbelts when used in high traffic situations.

Automatic Emergency Braking

While we like to believe that we have cat-like reflexes when behind the wheel, this is not necessarily always the case. For example, when you are tired, you might not be able to react as quickly as you should. AEB technology senses a potential collision and, if you do not react in time, it will start braking for you. These crucial seconds can make all the difference. These systems tend to vary between different vehicle manufacturers and some claim to be superior while others have been reported to be a bit oversensitive.

Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep

These are two separate systems but they share a common purpose – to keep you in your lane. If you are crossing the lines and leaving your lane, the lane departure system will sound a buzzing noise. Lane Keep, on the other hand, helps steer you back into your lane if you have drifted out. This feature can save the lives of tired drivers and those who suffer from something called driver’s hypnosis.

Blind Spot Detection

Far too many accidents occur when drivers neglect to check their blind spots or fail to do so correctly. With this Blind Spot Detection tool, you will be warned by small yellow or orange lights shining in your door mirrors. They let you know that there is a vehicle coming up behind you in one of the other lanes and it might not be safe for you to make a lane change at this stage.

Rear-view Camera

This is a fantastic tool to check what’s coming up behind you when reversing. It’s especially good for protecting animals and children from being accidentally run over. The wide-angle lenses of these cameras give you a full 180-degree view which makes reversing safer than ever.

Upcoming technologies

These features are all great but why stop there? Why not make our cars even safer by creating new technologies and improving the older ones? Well, this is the great thing about technology – it’s always evolving and we always have new features to look forward to as car manufacturers improve their technologies. rear-view-cameraA feature known as Safety Exit Assist has already been installed on some vehicles but it could become the new standard for all cars. It temporarily prevents children from opening back doors when bicycles and cars are approaching from behind. It works in a similar way as the blind spot monitor and this feature is sure to become a must for parents. Facial Recognition Software can also be used in many ways including monitoring the alertness of the driver. For now, this kind of software is designed to alert the driver with a buzzing noise but, in the future, we could see it take more of a proactive approach. Then there are also advancements to technologies like night vision which help warn drivers of pedestrians and bicycles on the road at night and smart headlights that automatically switch from hi- to low-beam when cars approach.

Remember, no matter how many safety features you have installed on your vehicle, it’s always important to make sure that you are as alert and responsible as possible. Never drive when tired, sick, on medication that can impair your ability to react, or if you are impared. At the end of the day, your decisions have the greatest impact. The same can be said for your vehicle coverage and insurance. To best protect your vehicle, make sure that you invest in the right used vehicle warranty plan. Call A-Protect Warranty at 1-866-660-6444 for personal assistance in choosing the perfect plan for you.

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