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Why Choose A-Protect Auto Warranty?

Why Choose A-Protect Auto Warranty?

Top 10 reasons to choose A-Protect Warranty Corporation

In today’s world, every dollar counts. As much as we prepare ourselves, an unexpected repair bill can be devastating, and they always seem to come at the worst possible time. That’s where A-Protect Warranty Corporation comes in. By choosing to purchase a warranty with A-Protect Warranty Corporation, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected against the unexpected. You simply pick the auto warranty that best suits your needs, and we’ll pick up your auto repair bills. Let’s face it: everybody needs somebody to count on, so why not turn to the car warranty industry leader?


Among other advantages, A-Protect Warranty Corporation offers:


  1. Protection against rising costs. With an A-Protect Warranty Corporation, you’re not only protected, but there also won’t be any surprises. According to ConsumerReport.org, “the average three year old car has 55 problems per 100 vehicles.” Furthermore, the costs to repair your vehicle continue to rise. Below are some average costs for some of the major components:
    1. Air conditioner: $1,000+
    2. Electrical components: $800+
    3. Engine overhaul: $3,000+
    4. Seals and gasket: $500–2,000
    5. Transaxle/Differential: $1,500+
    6. Transfer case: $2,000–$3,000
    7. Transmission: $2,000–$6,000
    8. Turbo/Supercharger: $1,500+
  2. A prompt and courteous customer service team.
  3. Easy to set up coverage. No long, strenuous paper work.
  4. Direct payment to repair facilities. We’ll pay your auto repair bills so you don’t have to.
  5. Hassle-free maintenance.
  6. Easy-to-transfer auto warranties that can potentially increase your car’s resale value.
  7. Towing, trip interruption, travel/lodging. See your contract for further details.
  8. Flexible coverage customized to meet your needs. You pick the coverage and deductible while we pick up your costly repair bills.
  9. Best service at the best price. We offer the most competitive pricing on a very wide-ranging list of auto warranties.
  10. Coverage throughout North America.

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