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Japan is currently the world’s leading producer and exporter of cars that are either new or used. Japan has several giant car brands such as Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, and Nissan. These are well-known brands that sell entirely on the whole planet. Such a great influence!. Compared to other countries, Japan produces cars which are well engineered and structured to perform well enough and last but one thing that will amaze you i9s how cheap the cars are. Most people get their dreams fulfilled by getting a car from Japan without spending an extra dime than what is produced locally or from other countries.

Japan is well known for exporting used cars that work just well. However, getting a used car should not be a hurried decision. One needs to put into consideration the tips below to have a swift ordeal and experience with your car. Don’t forget to get an extended warranty if the factory’s one is expired. Visit for more information.




The price of a car is one important thing you opt to know before making a purchase. Japan produces cars that are relatively cheap and affordable. However, you get yourself in a trap by falling for a cheap car that will be sold for a very high price. Research before purchasing a car to make sure you spend money on something that has value for your money. Most moderate car prices range from around 10,000$. However, the cost in most cases is usually higher due to the additional fee which is charged. The extra fee includes import taxes and delivery fees. Moreover, the taxes tend to rise in case you purchase a much older car. This hikes up the costs of purchasing a used car.


2.Seller details.


Always go through the exporter information with extra care to note out whether they are a scam or legitimate case exporters. Do further research and analysis online to determine their past action and also reviews from the past clients they have served. 

Most exporters in Japan are usually Registered under Japan Used Motor Vehicle Export Association (JUMVEA) which is a body that regulates these exporting firms. If the body that wants t export a car to you is not on the list then don’t make the mistake of making an order. There is always a variety of exporters to choose from. After an intensive scrutinization, you will come out with a perfect choice.


  1. Condition and reliability of the car.


This is one important aspect you never miss to consider before purchasing an x Japanese car. Most exporters usually state the condition in which the car is in and if there are any other problems. Always more information about the car you are to purchase and proof enough that indeed the car is in at least good shape and form. Request for engine status, mileage, and odometer details. These cars usually come rated with stars to show their status with a 4 star being a car in good condition with a slight issue and 1 star being a car in a very bad condition.


  1. Delivery duration.


Delivery duration is another thing which first-time car owner get so anxious about. Before making an order, always ask for the time taken before your ride arrives. You don’t want to affect your patience by waiting for soo eagerly for your long-awaited only to land on the port after months. The maximum amount of duration to wait for your car is usually around one month. Faster delivery takes less than two weeks.


5.Check on details and registration of the car.


Before making the purchase, ask the seller for information about the car, this includes vital government documentation that the car is indeed in good form for sale and has no criminal record or has been reported as stolen.


6.Check on the car’s warranty.


The seller should inform you if the car has a warranty if it is used or new. As we know a warranty plays a very vital role in ensuring protection for your asset. If the lack either a factory or extended warranty, don’t hesitate to get one. In this case, an extended warranty will work. Check Autorepair out for a free quote.




Japan is one country that fulfills many people’s dreams of owning a car. However, don’t always rush to these many sellers online to make a purchase. The above information is here to help, apply then in any event you need to get a car. Furthermore, many cars from Japan are usually used and lack a warranty. Get an extended warranty and be on the safer side.

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