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Japan is currently one of the leading prominent producer of cars globally. Its advancement in the automobile sector is very incomparable to anywhere in world. Japan is home to the best cars and boasts brands such as Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, and Kawasaki. The manufacturing sector has grown tremendously in crafting and engineering these machines.

Getting a car from Japan one of the easiest things one can ever think of. Japanese cars are made with quality to bring out the best from designing to engineering. All these come in one package that is very affordable and cheap. However, a car is just like any other machine. Damage and repairs are prone to happen. You don’t want to get yourself financially unable to meet your cars’ maintenance. Pick a policy from us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation. We offer the best-extended warranties that cover your car exclusively and intensively.

Before making a purchase or an order to get yourself or your loved ones a Jja[anise car, a question pops in as to whether you are about to mess up or get something worth your money. You will always want to spend a couple of dollars on something worth the value. This article answers that question as to if Japanese cars are worth your money.


  1. Japanese cars are dependable and reliable.


This is one of the substantial advantages putting ahead most of the brands that come from japan. Most of the cars from Japan are known for being very flexible and since they don’t break down frequently. They are regarded to have slight mechanical failures. When it comes to durability, Japanese cars carry the day. Research has it that the minimum amount of miles one can drive a Japanese car before its starts to break down more often is about 150,000 miles to 350,000 miles. Investing a few bucks in such a machine won’t be a waste as it guarantees peace of mind. No more frequent fixations that can be too expensive to afford. You can avoid that too by getting an extended warranty from us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation.


  1. Their resale values are usually high.


The rate of depreciation of the Japanese is relatively low compared to those from the West. This is because they are usually made from the finest raw material and crafted with qualified personnel. The condition of the car after some time of use will still be perfect, you will now enjoy a good trade-in value if you consider reselling the car. This is why most cars exported from Japan are used.


  1. Most Japanese cars embrace Hybrid Ingenuity.


 History clearly states that the first car in America in the 1990s to offer Hybrid Ingenuity were Honda and Toyota. These are Japanese models. Toyota Prius and Nissan leaf are the latest to join the green segment. The green movement is adapting cars to the use of hydrogen. Japanese automakers have decided to embrace the change. It is very friendly to the environment and considering the climate change issues, it is the way to go. You surely will not regret purchasing one.


  1. Cars from Japan have the best engines 


Japanese automaker Honda carried the award home during the 2016 ceremony as the car with the best engine. The Mazda CX-9 and Infiniti Q50 were also listed to have good engines. The three carry a balanced horsepower, noise attenuation, and fuel economy. The Honda Civic offers an extra feature which is a Smart Turbocharger. All these in one car is what many people need. This is a clear eye-opener to show you that Japanese cars are worth buying.



From the points above, one can establish a final verdict. Cars from Japan are worth your money, you need to get reliable and trusted exporters for those, not in Japan and get yourself a new ride. Just but a reminder, an extended warranty is also needed. There is always a need to secure your car from constant damages and demanding repairs. Visit us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation. We are the leading auto warranty company in Canada with swift and flexible services. Get in touch with our loyal customer care team through email at or call directly via 1-866-660-6444.

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