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A warranty is an agreement between a buyer and a manufacturer or any other third party provider which involves the product condition. The contract involves repairs or exchanges which are to be made in the case of damage to the product. A car warranty can be of two types; factor’s warranty or extended warranty. The factory’s warranty comes with the car originally from the manufacturer while the extended warranty is provided by a third party. Cars need to always have with them a warranty since they are vulnerable and prone to damage.

However, one can choose to drive his/her car without a warranty. This carries with it consequences that are both positive and negative.




When purchasing a car, it comes with either a factory’s or one can decide to acquire an extended warranty. Some individuals don’t see the value or bother to care about whether the car they are driving has a warranty. This can be advantageous in some way.


  1. Evade costs of a warranty.


Most people prefer driving their cars without a warranty with the idea in mind that a warranty is very expensive to purchase. Getting a warranty indeed comes with costs. First, you will need to get a warranty provider, sign a contract and start financing for the warranty yearly. Research has it that the least amount one can spend to finance a warranty is 100$ per month. This can be a bit difficult for a moderate earner since it influences the budget. It kind of helps you save. However, you won’t lay in a bed of roses all times. A disastrous calamity might hit you and get yourself spending more than what you thought was evaded costs.


  1. You may never use the warranty.


Chances are that you might never need a warranty. This is because a warranty comes in place when there a big repair and damages which need to be repaired. Such kinds of repairs always need a huge sum of money. However, the likelihood or probability of such big catastrophic events happening is very small. Getting a warranty will be of no use as you may never need it since not such kind of big repairs and services happen often. Anyways, there reaches a point where you kind of feel the need of an extended warranty. Lets say you get invoiced a very huge amount of cash for a repair and have almost nothing in your wallet. What will you do?


  1. You can cover parts that are exempted from a warranty.


A warranty comes in different policies which cover different parts of a car. For example, the bumper to the bumper policy covers mainly bodily damages for all rubber, fiber, and metal parts. Such kind of policy is not very extensive since it covers the specified parts only. Opting to drive without a warranty enables you to cover repairs to any parts of the car rather than getting a warranty policy that only covers parts included in the policy.




Driving your car without a warranty is very risky. In events of damage, the warranty will cover repairs and services. Here are some of the disadvantages associated with driving without a warranty.


  1. You bear all the risks and expenses associated with your car.


Driving without a warranty is one risk you are exposing yourself to. This means that you have to bear all the costs in case your car breaks down. You may find it a bit rough since a car can develop major problems which are too expensive for you to manage. As we all know calamities kick in without any signals. You are then unwillingly required to dig through your wallet extra hard to the extent of messing up your long-time savings only to cater for the repairs. Getting an extended warranty on the other side saves you a lot from spending since the warranty provider takes charge of any repair claims. Check us out at A-Protect Warranty Corporation.


  1. Reduces chances of car resale together with resale value.


Most car buyers will always prefer to purchase a car that is warranted. The warranty on the car guarantees assurance to the buyer. This is because he\she will not be required to spend any extra costs on repairs and maintenance especially if the car is problematic. A car that has a warranty has the highest chances of getting resold in fact at a very high value than the one that lacks a warranty. A warranty acts as a booster in events of resale. Waste no time and secure an extended warranty with us here at A-

Protect Warranty Corporation.



As we can see, driving without a warranty bears consequences that are both negative and positive. The negative one hit you hard since you opt to drive without getting your car warranty. A warranty is very important since it plays a very significant and crucial role which is securing your car from damages and repairs. This means that in times of repairs, the warranty is the one that bears everything. You don’t get involved financially. Secure one from us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation. We have the fastest processing speed with almost zero paper works involved. Get in touch via email at or directly call 1-866-660-6444 for a free quote.

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