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Covid 19 is one disastrous event to ever occur in human history affecting the entire globe. Its effects have spread like wildfire being felt in every corner of the world. The pandemic has given the earth a huge blow. Despite the hard times, the pandemic has caused, life has to continue with the economy currently picking up at a slow rate. Car owners have been affected too. Impacts range from problems arising due to long periods of not driving to high maintenance costs of their cars.

The Government has implemented new rules and regulations to avoid the spread of the virus. They include; working from home, wearing masks, and sanitization. Working from home hits almost 90% of car owners since they use their cars to move from home to work and vice versa. This interfered the normal maintenance of cars negatively.

An extended warranty is one thing that is of great help during these hard times. This warranty covers your car extensively even when it is not in use. Get one from A-Protect Warranty Corporation.


  1. Car battery issues.


Except for the essential service cars, personal cars have been affected by the movement restrictions and lockdown. Parking lots and own backyards are now full of stall cars parked for a very long period. This happened since the ‘’ work from home’’ policy got implemented. The car battery is a component that needs to have constant current flow in and out. Failure to this leads to the destruction of the internal battery cells that are responsible for the storage of power. The battery ‘’dies’’, and the car’s engine can’t start without a battery. A car battery’s terminal also gets covered in rust. The rust prevents the flow of current which damages the battery. Always make a constant check-up on the battery to make sure that is in good condition. Run the engine at least thrice a week just for the sake of the battery’s life. We offer an extended warranty which is inclusive of minor components such as the battery. 


  1. Flat Tires.


Due to the long period of Parking since the rules clearly state you need to work from home, your car’s tire gets flattened over time of no use. A flat tire in collaboration with harsh cold weather causes flat spots. It advisable to always check on your car’s pressure to make sure it is at the right amount. Flattened tires also get torn due to the weight of the car over time. Research has it that a very short period of only four weeks is enough to cause issues. Luckily for those who have an extended warranty, they will be no need to worry. Just a call for claiming a repair will get you sorted. What are you waiting for? Hurry and get an extended warranty from us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation.


  1. Regularly run the engine and check on the oil.


 A car’s engine is vital and needs extra care and protection since it acts as the ‘’heart’’ of the car. If a car is left stall without use, rust forms up in the engine parts. Running the car’s engine at least thrice a week will help you avoid engine and transmission problems. Oil with other car fluids needs to be checked to make sure they are at the right level and still in a good condition. A great team of experts from our service centers are more than ready to come and fix any issue arising from the engine. Don’t be hesitant, come and get an extended warranty.


  1. Pest invasion.


Stall cars parked for long become now a good hiding spot for pests especially rodents. Make it your responsibility to protect your car from this pest since they get to an extent of eating up parts of the cars such as wires or barrow holes on seats. Their effects reaches to the extent of totally damaging your entire car. Frequently check on your car and clean it thoroughly both interior and exterior. 




Covid 19 is here with us, let us not continue living in fear and panic but rather learn to with it. Apart from your family, other important assets need care and protection. A car that requires maintenance is required to keep it in good form despite the pandemic being in place. 

Don’t worry anymore, A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to help you out. Get an extended warranty with us. We got you covered during these hard times. Reach us through email at or directly call us at 1-866-660-6444.

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