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A car is one critical piece of investment that needs extra security for long and smooth use. Just like our own bodies, cars need to be treated in the best possible means ever to be in good shape and condition. Failure to ‘’treat’’ your car, regular problems kick in. Managing the car now becomes unbearable due to costs which will dig into your saving to cater for fixes and repairs. Keeping your car in good shape is not difficult at all but not also that easy at the same time. There are a variety of ways which you need to put in place to guarantee your car a longer life.

 Before this article digs deep down into these methods, there is one key factor that your car needs to have and that is a valid and working warranty. Purchasing a new car comes with a manufacturer’s warranty which does not assure longer health for the car since it expires after a certain duration of time. Getting an extended warranty is the option. It plays a much extensive role in protecting and keeping your car in good shape. Visit OMVIC for information.

  • Frequent oil change.


It is advisable for car owners that the engine oil of a car should be changed every 3,000-3,500 miles. Oil is very essential for the car engine since it acts like the ‘’blood’’ of the engine. Most engine parts are always moving against each other thus the need for lubrication. This when oil comes in to play a role in reducing friction. This prevents damage to the internal parts of the engine. It is also very important to always use one type of oil that is meant for the car. Mixing different types of oil will cause damage and reduce the engine’s life. Make it a habit of checking the oil gauge once a weak and regular check if there are any leaks.


  1. Top-up other car fluids.


Apart from the engine oil, there are other fluids in the car which include; Steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid. The fluids play very key roles and need to be checked often at least once a week to ensure they are topped up. One most vital fluid a car should never lack is the transmission fluid. Inside the gearbox, are numerous moving metals that need constant lubrication. Lack of fluid will cause transmission problems that are usually very expensive to repair.


  1. Use original and authentic spare –parts.


In case of damage that needs new parts, it is advisable to use spare parts which are original to avoid further damage since most counterfeit ones don’t last long and do not guarantee maximum protection for the car. Always check the spare parts to enough they are genuine enough before purchasing and fixing them in the car. At Carchex, they have reliable and have original parts together with qualified and professional mechanics to handle your car.


  1. Use the right tire size and maintain pressure.


The tires of the car should always be properly inflated. In case of excess pressure, blasting is prone to occur which at times is very dangerous. Before hitting the road, always make it a habit of checking the car’s tire pressure to avoid any inconveniences. Always use the right tire size for your car and regularly check on the tread wear indication to replace them if they are worn out. Ensure all warranty provider has various tire dealers which one can visit and get any tire related issues fixed.


  1. Maintain both interior and exterior cleanliness.


 A car is just like our human bodies. Cleanliness is associated with a healthy and longer life. For a car, cleanliness guarantees its dependability. Thoroughly clean both the inside parts and the exterior ones well enough to remove dirt and rust. When your car is exposed to dirty, these particles get clogged in vital parts that are very essential hence causing problems. One good example is an air cleaner which easily gets filled up with dirt particles. This may cause problems to the engine. Regularly clean it to avoid any further related issues.




Don’t let envy and jealousy hinder your peace anymore. The above tips are the secret sauce to keep your machine in good form as the car you always admire. These steps will enhance the life of your car and assures a safe and smooth experience. Furthermore, don’t forget to get your car an extended warranty, check out Endurance warranty for a free quote and get the car that extra security it needs.

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