An extended warranty is usually a contract between a car owner and a dealership or a factory. It is meant to cover repairs of the car beyond the period of the carmaker’s warranty. At times the costs of repairs get too high and very expensive and as we know all those damages and problems are usually unforeseen. Extended warranties now take over during this time to cover all those costs. You don’t need to get a penny off your wallet. Despite an extended warranty being in place to cover your car after the expiry of the carmaker’s warranty, there still are misconceptions about it. These misconceptions have been crafted well enough by painting a dark shade to extended warranties. They mislead people from getting an extended warranty.

This article is to help you see some of the top old skepticism lines that are meant to make you avoid getting an extended warranty. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is still hanging to the fact an extended warranty is very vital and for your car. Go ahead and check up with us.


  1. ”They are not necessary since I have the manufacturer’s warranty”.


Hell breaks loose when the original manufacturer’s warranty expires. They usually have a short duration of up to 5,000 miles. You get exposed to huge repair expenses which become a heavy burden especially if you are a fixed budget spender. It is advisable to get an extended warranty as early as possible before the factory’s warranty expires. It will take over from there and play a more crucial and diverse role than the original one. The earlier the better.


  1. They are needed for the loan approval in banks.


Don’t get carried away by this point since it is not based on true facts. This statement is used to force you to get an extended warranty with the idea that an extended warranty will help you get your loan approved in a bank. Banks only require assets under you details to act as security for their money..


  1. Extended warranties have a long and challenging claim process.


This point is based on zero facts. It states that the process of acquiring a claim usually takes long and is very tiresome. First, you make a call to customer care initiating a claim, your details are looked into and confirm whether your claim is valid. A field officer is sent to your location to assess the claim, then the field officer sermons a technician who then comes and fixes the problem. All these long processes are currently done away with. A new system is now in place with almost zero paperwork included. Here at A-Protect Warranty Corporation, we have the fastest claim process with zero paperwork involved. There are selected service centers near you, just make the call.


  1. They don’t offer extensive coverage.


This misconception claims that extended warranties offer limited and minor coverage compared to the original manufacturer’s warranty. This statement is not true since extended warranties offer very wide and extensive coverage and for a very long time for up to 10 years. Plans included in an extended warranty go beyond the manufctuerer’s warranty in terms of the extension of coverage to the time they are meant to last. Extended warranties have policies such as Bumper to Bumper and Powertrain which have many parts of the car covered.


  1. Poor data maintenance and visibility.


Most guys are still stuck with the idea that historically extended warranty providers have a poor system of data management. This fact blocks most people from getting an extended warranty for fear of losing money and not getting any services. That is not the case nowadays, important data about extended warranties are now real-time. That is due to improved and advanced systems of data management.



Over the years, extended warranties have had very little interest from people due to these misleading misconceptions. They are in place to change the mindset and trust towards extended warranties. You don’t want to open hell lose by falling for such false and old facts. Get yourself an extended warranty and be on the safe side. Get in touch with us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation via email through or directly call via 1-866-660-6444(toll-free).

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