The unforgettable feeling that comes when you purchase that brand new whip that is sparkling and attractive vanishes too quickly if you pass your car through harsh conditions. The shiny and appealing exterior, the cool and comfy-rich interior, silent and powerful engine, and a stable suspension are what many new car owners would wish their cars to be in a couple of years to come. However, that dream gets shattered and everything turns into a mess. Engine noise and vibrations become common, the car’s handling gets unstable and generally, the cars just get too problematic to the extent of total stalling. All that happening will depend heavily on how the car is handled, driven, and taken care of. Just like any other asset out there, cars needs to be cherished and treated in the right manner. How you drive your car while new will have a huge impact on its condition come a couple of years ahead.

Here are the ten mistakes that you must at all cost avoid if you wish your car to drive like new more years to come.


  1. Ignoring an oil change.

Oil is very essential to the engine life of a car. As we all know, the engine is like the heart of a car. Oil aids in cooling the engine and provide lubrication to the internal parts of the engine. Heat is always generated by the internal moving parts and needs to be cooled or else the possibility of an explosion is high. At the same time, the internal parts grind against each other as they move. The friction generated increases wear and tear which gives the engine a slow death. Never miss an oil change no matter what.

  1. Never use the wrong oil.

When getting an oil change, you need to be extra keen not to use the wrong oil rather than the one advised to. Different types of oil come with different types of features such as viscosity. This affects the rate at which the internal parts of the engine spins that’s regulating the power produced.


  1. You should never use a dishwashing detergent to wash your car.


Dishwashing detergents are designed to combat food remnants, oil, and grease. Using them on your car is risky since you expose the car’s paint, cost, or wax to a great threat. This is because dishwashing detergents will want to clear the vital oil property in the paint.


  1. Driving with old fuel and air filters.


Both fuel and oil filters are never meant to last forever. With time, they depreciate in quality thus a reduction in their effectiveness to clean dirt and other harmful compounds. You need to replace them over time so as to keep your car in tip-top shape.


  1. Not following a scheduled service.


After driving for a certain given mile, you are required to take your car to a nearby service center for extensive extermination by a professional. This will help in noting out problems that might be too hard to see and generally put your cat in a good shape.


  1. Poor cleaning routine.


In order to get a perfect and smooth running car, cleanliness is usually the number one remedy in doing so. You need to have and follow a strict cleaning routine so as your car might drive and feel new for longer. Dirt and dust attract problems and breakdowns.


  1. Driving with worn-out tires.


Not only does it put you under the police watch but poses a great risk to the safety of those in a car and passengers. Driving on worn-out tires is very risky. The chances of getting a bust are usually high. Always regularly check with your tires for any cracks or gouges.


  1. Ignoring tire pressure.


You must make sure that your car’s tires are properly inflated at all times before hitting the road. Never drive on overinflated tires or on underinflated tires. On both tires, chances of damage and accidents are very high. Avoid any problems that might come along by always driving on properly inflated tires.

  1. Avoiding visual inspection.


Taking a quick walk around your car and opening the hood to check with the bonnet parts is very wise. You should never ignore the fact that your car is always in good form. Low tires pressure and reduced fluid levels are common. A visual inspection will really help to note out all that and so much more.


  1. Mixing fuel or using the wrong fuel.


This is a direct ticket to the death of your car’s engine. Mixing fuels is something you should never find yourself doing. One common mistake is using diesel in gas cars. This is very harmful to your engine. It is much more of a disaster than mixing premium and regular gas. Either way, always ensures you avoid any mistakes while fuelling.




The above mistakes are what turns your brand new clean car into a rusty old car in the years to come. Without much care and protection, don’t be surprised by towering your once precious machine to its graveyard while it’s still early. An extended warranty in this case will be of good aid. You need it so as to combat unexpected expenses that come as a result of breakdowns. An extended warrant will also help keep your car in a pristine and new look more years to come. What are you waiting for, come grab one for your car at A-Protect Warranty Corporation? We’ve got the best deals in town. Go ahead and call us via +1-866-660-6444 or write to us through

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