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2021 has seen remarkable fluctuations in insurance prices. This has been expected considering the prevailing conditions. Just like 2020 this year has been characterized highly by fears and uncertainties amounting from the novel corona virus. Life insurance rates have particularly been affected by the current status quo.  This is because the most ravaging impact of the virus is on people’s lives. The same dynamics have been witnessed in automobile and property insurance. In this article, we delve deeper into what life, automobile and property insurance rates look like in 2021. Are they likely to shoot up of what? We will break down the rates into sections highlighting how the three types of policies have been impacted:

Life insurance.

Life insurance has become a top priority for most folks with the onset of COVID-19. This has been a predominant occurrence among people with risk factors such as diabetes. As you might guess, with the demand for life insurance going through the roof and the rate of mortality increasing significantly, it is only right to conclude that there will be a spike in premium prices. Consumers with risk factors will now have to dig deeper in their pockets to finance their life insurance payment. 

On the flip side, consumers without COVID-19 risk factors will not have to pay so much although there is a substantial increase in premium prices generally. This includes young adults, non-smokers and of course people without serious health conditions. The rise in life insurance rates has also been attributed to low interest rates. Low interest rates make it difficult for insurance companies to meet their financial obligations in future. Some analysts expect the prices to change now with the arrival of different corona virus vaccines. However, it is impossible to ascertain how that is going to play out in the coming third and fourth quarters of the year.  

Property insurance.

Just like life insurance, property insurance is predicted to shoot up steadily in 2021. This is mostly blamed on losses linked to the corona virus pandemic. Sadly, COVID-19 came along with a number of unprecedented losses associated with business interruption. Other than that, extreme weather and frequent natural disasters like wild fires, tornadoes and hail have also had an impact on property insurance rates. Policy buyers in disaster prone areas around coastal regions or close to forests are the most affected by the spike in property insurance rates. To top it off, property insurance rates are likely to be driven up by an increase in reinsurance cost.

Automobile insurance.

Unlike the other two types of policies that we have highlighted, the prices for automobile insurance are witnessing a downward trend. Automobile insurance race are taking a nose dive something that has not happened for over a decade. Across the U.S, prices for this policy – in the first two quarters of 2021 -have been gone down by about 1.7%. As you might expect, the pandemic is at the center of all this. With corona virus, there are fewer people driving around. This is due to the restrictions that have been put in place. A reduction in the number of cars on the road  definitely affects the rate at which people go for the automobile insurance. Consequently, automobile policy holders will have to incur an average cost of $1636 for insurance. In a like manner, traffic violations with attract a hike of 117% in premiums on average. This is just a slight overview of how the decrease in automobile insurance rates has played out in the first two quarters if the year.


The above details clearly judge off concerning the rates and prices of insurance in 2021.The Covid ‘’thing’’ is still here with us and we need to learn and live with it. Despite its non-stop impacts of globally and specifically on the insurance sector, all that is at stake need to be assured and secured. Let us not forget about getting an extended warranty too. It will play collective role in collaboration with the insurance. This applies mostly to the automobile sector. Visit A-Protect Warranty Corporation and get your car protected during this hard time. We are just a phone call away. 1-866-660-6444 is our number.

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