In the early days of June, a new beginning is born to signal the most waited buzzing natural people yearn. Summer! Well, we get full of anxiety and anticipate the forthcoming summer so much. The immediate sign you first encounter is the fading of spring flowers. They get replaced by the blooming summer flowers. The leafless woods and gardens now come back to life-giving rise to colorful and beautiful butterflies. This is now a new begin and people always want to come out of the buzzing sun and have fun. Car enthusiasts always want to hit the road and drive as far as possible since the road condition is always perfect. Others decide to go to the beaches and have fun while some take park walks. Winter is always a rough time to many hence when summer kicks in, it’s showtime!. The 

roads are always clear as the sun is out there doing what it does best.

Vacationers and road trippers take this opportunity to travel to their decide destinations of upcountry to see their loved ones and relatives. However sweet summer might seem to be, do not be fooled that all will be fine especially if you want to go for a road trip. Every seasonal change has its hazards and dangers. You need to take precautions and maintain your car to the highest level if you care for it. This is the time you need to get an extended warranty. You do not want your peace ruined by frequent repair expenses. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to offer you the best-extended warranty deals in the market. The well-being of your car is our topmost priority.

Here is what you need to do during this summer before hitting the tarmac for a long ride.


  1. Do not use winter tire during summer


Ignorance is one factor that most car lovers have, they opt to use their winter tires during summer. Yes, winter tires are gurus during the cold and snowy winter times. It does not mean that they can use them during summer too. These tires are made from specialized material designed to deliver perfect traction during winter. However, when you use them during summer, you are in for a bad experience;

  • Affect fuel economy- winter tires have a rolling resistance on warm tarmac roads. You will end up using more fuel to get going.
  • Impact car handling- winter tires are soft. In case you do emergency braking, it won’t be responsive that quick unlike using summer tires. You may end up in a disastrous scenario.

Make sure you change to all-season tires or the summer tires specifically before hitting the tarmac.


  1. Check on the tire inflation.


Tires play a critical role while driving. You can not drive with no tires unless it’s a tank or something. Anyways, you have to make sure that your tires are not flat before getting down to business. Summer months need a tire that is well and fit for the warm roads. Due to the temperature, the pressure inside the tire could expand and even cause blowouts while driving. This is very dangerous. Make it a routine to check on the tire for irregular wear, the presence of a foreign object, or low tread.


  1. Avoid overloading.


Those who love to road trip and go on vacation always want to ensure they carry almost everything they will need. Make sure you do not exceed the required load limit. Ignorance calls for a harsh fine when arrested and also damages the car’s suspension system.


  1. Never leave behind an emergency repair kit.


When hitting the road for long-distance traveling, the likelihood of being held up by unexpected faults is very high. Your tire could either go flat or a nut could loosen up. It is wise to carry an emergency toolbox that you will find very helpful. Carry with your duct tape, flare, pliers, jack, and spare tire. You will for sure be on the safe side.


  1. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge.


Overheating is very common during wintertime. Your car’s engine needs constant cooling if you are traveling long-distance. It is advisable to carry with you a coolant if necessary and be extra careful with the temperature gauge. Pullover if you keep getting alerts you since ignorance could lead to complete engine failure.

  1. Air conditioning should be on the check.


If you are traveling with children and pets long-distance during summer, your AC needs to be working. It will make the ride smooth and flawless since too much heat during summer may cause distraction.



The summer season is one hell of a time which many people always yearn to experience fun and enjoyment. For those who like to travel for a long ride, this article will be helpful. The above point will guide you all through and make your summertime fun. Remember, your car is not immune to damage despite the changes from season to season. Failure and breakdown are inevitable. Buy an extended warranty from the best provider in the Americas. We are an A+ accredited company with one of the fastest warranty processing speeds. Your visit won’t be a regret. Call us at +1-866-660-6444 or write to via

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