We all have to agree that a car is not a car unless it has a full operational steering wheel. The steering wheel plays a critical in the movement of the car. It helps the driver maneuver and change direction. It might look easy that just by turning the front wheels left or right. There is a lot of stuff that happens in between the steering wheels and tires that make it possible. In 1898, steering wheels were now made official as a standard feature in all automobiles. They were crafted out of carved wood that was connected to the wheels directly. These posed a high risk of damage since you could not turn the wheel perfectly at low speeds or when the car is not in motion.

There has been a gradual evolution over time. This has changed the manner and way in which the steering system works. With the advancement in the past form of the steering wheel, power steering was born. Before digging deep into details, you need to know about an extended warranty. This is a warranty offered by dealerships or third-party providers that takes over repair charges of your car. All you need to do is purchase an extended warranty and safeguard your asset. Check us out at A-Protect Warranty Corporation.


Power steering.


It was an immediate advancement from the early steering systems meant to reduce the effort used while turning the wheels. It was hailed as such an oustanding advancement since previously, steering the tires was very difficult. It all began in 1951 when the Chrysler models first incorporated this form of steering. Power steering uses a mechanism that is a combination of rack and pinion. A rack is a gear-like structure that is linear and has prongs on the sides. The rack is linked to the steering wheel and also to the pinion. Movement of the steering wheel is conveyed to the pinion by the rack moving front tires move side to side. Power steering has evolved and new advancements have been engineered in it to make driving seamless and soft. There are three types of power steering; Electronic power steering, Electro-hydraulic power steering system, and Hydraulic power training.


  1. Electronic power steering.


It is currently the most used power steering type in almost 90% of cars in the world. This type of power steering has a long solid metal that runs from the steering wheel to the rack. A complex set of electrical motors and sensors then now ensure the tires move side to side. This steering mechanism uses the car’s battery to drive its motors responsible for applying force on the steering gear. This form of power steering is very efficient and reliable. This makes the handling of the steering wheel fast and smooth.




  • It improves the fuel economy of the car.
  • Preventsregular maintenance associated with hydraulic fluids.


  1. Hydraulic power steering system.


This type of power steering rocked from the 1950s to the 2000s when the electric power steering came in place. It uses hydraulic fluid that is pressurized by pumps from the car’s engine.

  1. Electro-hydraulic power steering system.

It is more of added features to the hydraulic power steering. The hydraulic pump initially was driven by engine power now gets driven by electric motors.


Importance of power steering system.


1.Quick response- The quick turn you make when you are about to cause an accident is a result of the power steering system. This system has made steering very fast and quick ij nature than previously.

2.Bump steer-When you hit a bump, the suspension system absorbs the forces of the impact. This force then transfers to the steering system since it is attached to the suspension through tires. A power steering can control the force where you as the driver don’t get interfered with while steering.




Power steering is not any different from electric power steering. This is because the electric power steering is just but an improved version of the power steering. Despite the kind of power steering your car has, it will always be a victim to damage and breakdown. This is why you need to get an extended warranty for your car. A –Protect Warranty Corporation is the ideal provider you need to check out. Our direct line number is +1-866-660-6444. You can either write to us via

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