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Thinking of getting hold of that brand new car this coming 2022? Well, you need to reconsider your decision first before heading to the car dealership. A brand new car is what most new car owners desire and wish for. The shiny, scratch less and spotless picture of a car never leaves their minds. The feeling that comes the moment a dealership hands over the keys to the brand new car is always unforgettable. The silent and powerful roar of the engine with the first ignitions is always soothing. The quick and sharp brakes are always appealing not forgetting the fine and luxury rich interior. Plans and schedules are already in place coming next year for first-time car owners to get their dream cars or previous car owners to change to something else. A brand new cat is not the right option. 

Before getting to know why getting a brand new car is not an option come 2022, let’s first get to know about an extended car warranty. This is a warranty same as the factory warranty that comes when the car is still new. It works similarly to the factory warranty only that it is more extensive and reliable. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is the place to knock on doors and get your car secured with an extended warranty. Stress from constant and frequent repair expenses will be a thing of the past.

Here are the reasons why buying a new car is not a good option for 2022.


Predicted Low car inventory in 2022.


Covid 19 pandemic has been a pain in the ass for the past year since its beginning in 2020. Its effects have ravaged the world’s economy leaving no sector untouched. Car production has been hit hard in so many ways. First, car production companies have had to cut down on labor numbers thus affecting the rate of production. Availability of raw materials has been affected too with one of them being the current shortage of microchips. Microchips are a crucial element in a car since modern cars have a computer system installed which is very vital. The shortage of microchips has made most car production companies shut their operations down. This is expected to affect car production up to 2022 with the current delta variant of the Covid 19 affecting most microchip companies in Asia and here in the Americas. The low number of newly produces cars will be an issue to the global markets. New car buyers are in trouble this coming year. 

What remains an option is getting a used car. Used cars are booming in the market. Why get wait to get a brand new car come 2022 and yet you can have a used car that is good form now or then. Avoid all the frustration and disappointment and get a used car come 2022.


High MSRP prices come 2022.


Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is reported to have increased ever since the beginning of this global pandemic. The pandemic once again has all fingers to be pointed to because of its mess in almost all sectors. Car production is one of the many sectors affected by the pandemic. From labor shortage, low inventory, microchip scarcity, and low availability of raw materials. This has led to an increased rate in the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This means that the prices of cars are expected to skyrocket more come 2022. As we all know, the pandemic is still here with us, so we must expect rough times. To make things worse, car dealerships have now taken this opportunity to increase the prices of new cars. If you are thinking of getting a new car come 2022, better revisit your decision well and consider the current situation before regretting what you have done. 



 In general, 2022 is not the right time to get a brand new car. The current pandemic in place is arguably the main cause why getting a new car is not a good idea. The above points clearly show that come 2022, things are still going to be in turmoil. The option remaining is getting certified used cars. Yes! Used cars, this might not seem to be a good option but sure it is the only remedy. Currently, there is a surge in the prices of used cars, If you dream of getting one then do not think any further. Do it. A car extended warranty will need to come in handy too when you get yourself a car. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is the right provider you need to work with. Used cars come with an extended warranty that can be transferable to the next owner. Always ask if the car is warranted. Get in touch with us through email at info@a-protectwarranty.com or directly call us at +1-866-660-6444 for a free quote.

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