As we all know, nothing happens without consequences. Winter is here and we are all ready to usher it in style. This does not put any stop to the fun activities since we humans want to pump up our adrenaline and enjoy. Snowballing, fat-tire biking, and ice bowling are amongst the activities that go down in winter. The road-tripping enthusiast will find it rough and unbearable since winter does not favor such fun. In winter times, the roads get filled with snow and get icy which makes it hard to drive. There are many different reasons why we need to drive less. This article is going to elaborate and give out more reasons as to why we need to drive less this winter.

Before winter comes, we need to prepare our cars to make them ready for the coming conditions. Snow, ice, fog, and raging storms are usually common. All these pose a great threat to the lives of cars since they come along with negative impacts. As we know cars are not immune to damage and breakdown. An extended car warranty will work best in such a condition. The fear of spending on unforeseen expenses will be a thing of the past. This is because the work of an extended warranty is to meet unexpected expenses that arise as a result of unforeseen calamities or problems. Driving less during winter will save you a lot and here are the top 10 reasons why;

  1. Poor visibility when snowing, raining, or fogging.

Driving in the winter season is usually very difficult. Seeing what’s next ahead of you or what is approaching is usually a problem. This is because the snow, rain, or fog that forms obscures the vision of the driver since its affects the clarity and sharpness of the eyes. This is very dangerous because you don’t see while driving and the results always come out nasty. Always drive while your lights are on if need arises

  1. Risk of rust infestation.

Frequent driving in cold and harsh environments poses a huge threat to the life of your car’s parts. The painting, body panel, and other metallic parts are usually exposed to rust. As the car moves, it collects with it snow and ice while containing salts, dirt, and other impurities which are agents of rust. It only takes several reactions for the master behind the car to decay to form. Rust! The parts beneath the car are always the first victims followed by other vulnerable ones. You need to wax and undercoat your car before winter begins and always park the car in a closed and cool space. A garage or any other place in that case.

  1. Extreme weather conditions.

Unlike summer, winter is never ‘’cool’’ in any way. At times, the weather boils up and gets out of control. You might experience a ravaging snowfall, endless rains, or enormous storms which can impact the environment in a negative way. A good example is when it extremely snows until the roads get filled and blocked.

  1. Icy roads.

This happens all time during the winter season.  ‘’Black ice’’ as it is known forms on the road making the surface slippery in nature. As you try to drive over, due to less traction with the roads, the car tires skid and slide on the roads. This can be dangerous.

  1. Possibility of getting stuck in the snow is high. (loss of traction)

Whether on AWD or not, at times getting through a thick layer of snow could be like a hard nut to crack. Imagine you are all alone by yourself and no aid around. That would be a disaster!

  1. Winter increases the car’s fuel economy.

During winter, there is always an increase in highway fuel consumption by a steady 1.3%. This means that you will need to spend an extra dime to get your machine moving.

  1. Electric car batteries get affected by the temperatures.

 Temperatures really matter when it comes to the battery’s ability to store the energy needed to push the car. Any significant drop in the temperatures means that you are in for a low battery alert.

  1. Vehicle malfunction is high.

Chances of fluid freeze or blowout are usually high with the super-free temperatures. The likelihood of your car breakdown is very high.

  1. Lack of emergency kit supplies.

 A shortage or lack of supplies in an emergency kit is very vital and needs to be acted up with immediate effect. Driving without the kit is like inviting disasters your way.

  1. Lack of adequate skills in winter driving.

Lack of confidence due to lack of winter driving skills is another reason why you need to drive less this winter. False confidence could lead you into a ditch or something.


 Despite all the harsh and rough things winter poses to drivers, it is still one of the best times to experience while driving. However, for the above reasons, you need to minimize driving. This is for your own safety and for those close to you. Well, this does not bar you from driving like before. You can boost your road confidence with an extended car warranty. Get in touch with our team for a free quote at or give us a call through the toll-free line+1-866-660-644.

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