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There is no good thing like living a stress-free life with zero fears associated with the well-being of your investment. Owning a car is one big investment and we all wish to secure our investments for the longest time possible. There are tons of ways to protect your car, but then only one way carries the day and that is getting an extended car warranty. Perhaps your car dealership where you got your brand new car never introduced you to an extended warranty. In most cases, they usually want to get you to purchase an extended warranty from them but fail to give you much information that can force you into buying it. 

When a car comes off the factory doors, it usually comes in handy with the factory’s warranty. This type of warranty covers repair expenses that arise from mechanical to electrical failures. However, its duration is usually short-lived since it does not last for long. Here is when an extended warranty comes in. It does what the original warranty did but in a much more advanced form. An extended warranty is something worth of trial and saves a lot when it comes to managing huge repair and service bills.

Now, this is the time you need to shake off the doubts in investing in an extended warranty and get it right away. Below are the reasons why you need to invest in an extended car warranty.

Boosts resale value.

It is the culture with many people who resale their stuff hoping to get most of their money back as possible. That only goes well with those that keep what they hope to resale in good shape and form. Cars in this case are assets whose value is enamours and if you wish to resale, you always want to get the cash that is almost equivalents to its value. All that will depend on one thing and that is the condition you keep your car in. An extended warranty helps you keep your car in tip-top shape hence when you finally decide to sell it off, you get a satisfactory return.

An extended warranty gives you peace of mind.

Peace of mind and relaxation brought about by an extended warranty is very soothing to the car owner. Imagine swiftly cruising the streets with no worry at all bearing in mind that all unforeseen breakdowns will be dealt with. The constant feeling of frustration and pressure from huge bills that comes from repair expenses will be long gone. An extended warranty surely helps a lot with the mental health and well-being of an individual. 

Freedom to take your car to any selected service center.

With an extended car warranty, you can take your car to any service center to get it fixed. This is an advantage over the factory warranty which only allows you to take your car to one dealer when your car breaks down.

Saves costs.

An extended warranty saves costs in many different ways. One of the ways is by meeting costs which when you decide to repair without the aid of an extended warranty, you might perhaps not be able to meet the bills. The drivetrain parts for instance are amongst the most expensive parts on a vehicle to repair. A deeper look into the restorations or replacement of the transmission for example could take up to a minimum of $1000. With an extended car warranty, you won’t spend even a single dime to cater to the expenses associated with the repair. Just leave it under the arms of the extended warranty provider. Again, if you live under a tight and fixed budget then you got a reason to smile!

Has additional benefits.

An extended car warranty does not just come plain as it is for the factory car warranty. It comes with benefits from which you can pick and enjoy. These benefits include; 24/7 roadside assistance, Car rental service, Towing service, and Reimbursement service. These are just but a few. You need to liaise with the provider and inquire whether there are extra benefits you get to enjoy before signing the contract.


An extended car warranty is just something of the ordinary. Its benefits and importance are worth and are definitely an investment you won’t regret;  From having peace of mind to the extra benefits and so much more goodies. Why miss all these and have yourself and the car go through miserable hardship. Come grab your package from us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation and secure your car and wallet. You get in touch with our loyal customer care team through for an online quote. Our direct toll-free line is +1-866-660-6444 if you wish to call.

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