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Leaving your car parked for long periods can be caused in several ways. Amongst them is working from home, biking to work, long vacations and plenty of other events which you use your car less frequently. In the past year, there has been a global pandemic that up to now still exists. Some measures were put in place to reduce or rather prevent much spreading of the virus. Working from home was the most effective way of reducing interaction among people to help curb the virus. This saw a great number of car owners leaving their cars parked for a very long time. Up to now, there are some countries out there where people are still urged to work from home. Yes, this helps prevent further advancement and infections but it has a very negative impact on your car. A lot can happen to your car event for only a week without use. What if you go beyond that? This article will help answer the question ‘’How does the long-term parking affect the well-being of your car.


1.Kills the car battery.


A battery is made up of cells and sulphuric acid which are responsible for storing current. After a certain period of no use or flow of current in and out, the battery begins to die. In hot weather, the liquid inside the battery evaporates at a faster rate leaving the cells dry. This poses a great threat to the cells since they are responsible for storing current. Rust also forms on the battery terminals which prevent the car from igniting. It is wise to at least turn on the car for 5 minutes so that the alternator can charge the battery. That is the only way to maintain the life of your battery. However, you can jumpstart your car when the battery fails to pick. The ultimate solution to a completely failed battery is to replace it.


  1. The cars get infested.


This is a common problem with the car that is parked for a long time. Infestation comes in many forms from plants to animals. During the winter, animals usually look for a good place to hibernate and keep cool from the harsh weather. Apart from our own house, rodents find cars well comfortable. They bore holes in the sits and other areas they find good. This tarnishes the interior look of the car and makes it less appealing. Molds and mildew are also other infestations for a car that is parked for a long period. When your car is parked in humid areas, there is a high chance of mold and mildew growth. These plants flourish in areas that are cold and humid. It is advisable to clean your car frequently or park in an enclosed environment that is humid-free.


  1. Damages tires.


Tires get affected when you park your car for long without use in many different ways. Since tires are subjected to the weight of the entire car, over time they deflate. Deflating means that the tires becomes flat and still get subjected to the weight. After a long period of being in that state, the tire begins to rot. If the tire is no rotten, it will develop a flat spot. The flat spots affect the tires and make them rigid to the ground. This makes steering and handling difficult. You are required to regularly check on your tires to ensure they are well inflated and note out any changes.


  1. Leaking and low-level car fluids.


Extended rest is very harmful to the car’s fluid and levels and this can happen in the following ways. The engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and gasoline are usually affected by the long rest. Gasoline gets affected when moisture enters inside the tank, it causes the tank to corrode. The liquid itself losses its chemical property and even evaporated when exposed to too much heat. The other fluid loses their chemical composition. Valves and pipes connecting and linking these fluids to various parts break off and the fluid begins leaking off. Always take your car to an expert. The serviceman should check all fluid systems to make sure everything is working correctly.




Long-term parking can help save costs such as fuel and so much more. However, that will only aid for a short period then the worst begins hitting you from every corner. From damaged tires, leaking car fluids, rust and paint peeling to complete car stalling is what awaits you if you decide to park your car for long. You can evade all that by still taking good care of your car at all times.

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