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Almost every other car dealership offers you an extended warranty, immediately after you have exchanged money for that new or certified used car. You may fall for their words or not. Do not rush into signing a contract before getting to know more about extended warranties. When you get a new car, it comes with the factory’s warranty. The factory’s warranty plays a crucial role that is to cater for expenses associated with mechanical damages to the car. Most factory warranties do not last for long since they only have a short duration of use which is almost about 4-5 years. When the warranty expires, you are now responsible for expenses that come your way. Things will be tough for sure especially if you were dependant on the warranty.

An extended warranty is the remaining option. It plays an extended but much further role than the previous car maker’s warranty. It can be purchased from a dealership or a third party. Depending on your choice, you can get it from any of them. A-Protect Warranty Corporation should be a top priority on your list. We offer extensive and affordable extended warranties which are highly recommended for your car. Remember, no car will ever be immune to damages and breakdown whatsoever. You need to secure your car from frequent breakdowns and failures and your wallet from sinking all your savings to maintain a car. Unforeseen repairs and damages are very common in every car. This is the right time to secure your asset from them.


Types of extended warranties.


Extended warranties come in two types; those offered by the original car makers and those offered by third-party sellers. Original Car Maker’s warranty offered by the factory and Aftermarket warranty offered by the third party.


1.Original Car Maker’s Warranty.


This is the original warranty that comes with the car and is provided by the carmakers. This form of warranty is primarily meant to cover your car for a period of up to 5 years or 60,000 miles. In case you wish to resale your car, the warranty can be transferable to the next owner before its expiry is due. It excludes damages that are caused by other factors such as weather, accidents, and collisions. Just a tip, never buy a new car that lacks the original car maker warranty.


  1. Third-party extended warranty.


This is an extended warranty that is purchased from third-party dealers. They are purchased as a continuation or an extension to the original car warranty. Third-party dealers can be car dealerships or companies established with the key purpose of providing extended warranties. Just like the original car warranty, they only cover mechanical damages and not other factors that cause damages to a car.


Types of extended warranty coverage.


Extended warranties fall into two major levels; Bumper to Bumper and Powertrain. These two are subdivided into smaller plans depending on the specific parts you want the car covered.


Bumper to Bumper warranty.


This is coverage for parts that is to cover for parts of a car from the front bumper to the rear bumper with the inclusion of drive train parts. These parts include electronic components, audio and infotainment system, interior, exterior bodywork, suspension, steering system, fuel injection system, and other accessories in a car. It a comprehensive coverage that is highly recommended for your car. Under the Bumper to Bumper warranty, there is a variety of plans you can choose from depending on the duration you want. These plans range from the longest-serving ones to the least. We have the Platinum coverage plan that covers up to 10+ years to the Bronze coverage that covers up to 6 years.


Powertrain warranty.


It is a coverage level that covers parts that are involved in powering the wheel of a car. These parts are usually very vital and expensive. We have the car engine, transmission, crankshaft, camshaft, axle shafts, and exhaust and intake manifolds. This form of coverage is vital in ensuring your car is top-notch and in good shape. It is divided into smaller plans that vary depending on the duration of coverage. The highest being Titanium coverage and the least Bronze.




An extended warranty remains to be the best option and remedy to the stressful life that comes from unexpected repair expenses. Having an extended warranty solves all that and for sure you have peaceful coexistence and experience with your car. A from the above information, it is clear that extended warranties vary in terms of plan and coverage. Not all car extended warranties have the same equal plans. Depending on your financial ability, you can pick your desired plan and have your car covered. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to stand by your side as you endeavor to protect your asset. Get an extended warranty from us at an affordable and friendly price. We are just a phone call away. +1-866-660-6444 is our direct line. You can also talk to us through email at

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