The feeling felt when one drives off a car dealership in a brand new spotless car is usually magical and out of this world. For first-time car owners, the moment is usually unforgettable especially when you finally lay your hand on your dream car. At such a point, the car usually feels so new and strong with power making driving very swift and seamless. The engine is always silent running at super fast speed to provide momentum to the sleek and perfectly positions wheels. Hitting a pothole at such time feels like nothing thanks to the might strong suspension that is steady as a rock. The Interior is always sparkling and appealing with the seats being so comfy. Your brand new whip will drive and feel new for a couple of years then all of a sudden problems strike.

Engine noise and vibrations, poor acceleration, poor fuel economy, weak transmission, and loss of engine power have now become common. All these begin to happen after a given period. Frequent repairs and servicing become necessary or else you might end up losing your car to a rusty junkyard. At this time, driving your car changes from fun and happy experience into an irritating and frustrating feeling.

 This article will provide you with the top 5 reasons why your car doesn’t drive like it’s new. 


1.Poor servicing and maintenance routine.


A car is a big investment just like any other investment out there. You need to treat your car in the right manner so that you can drive it for a longer time possible in good form. Servicing is one way of showing love to your car. At least after every 3,000 miles, you are supposed to take your car to a professional serviceman so that it can be assessed and problems hard to notice get solved before things get worse. You are also advised to do a routine and frequent check-up at all times to make sure your car is in tip-top form. Do a quick walk around and check whether your tires are properly inflated or worn out, check with the car fluid levels and refill when empty or low, and tighten a few bolts and nuts here and there. By doing so, you will see an improvement or change in how driving your car feels like.


  1. Lack of insurance or warranty on a car.


Insurance and warranty are two major things a good driver should never miss. It is an offense to drive without insurance; you can be punished by law. Insurance is usually in place to help you out in case your car is involved in a disastrous event such as a fire or an accident. An insurer will cover the expenses associated. On the other hand, a warranty will cater for expenses that come as a result of unforeseen mechanical damages and expenses. When the part of a car that is warranted gets damaged, you will not be responsible for its repair. The warrantor will. Now, in an event where you have neither insurance nor a warranty, you will have to meet the entire burden. What if you are unable? Well, and then expect nothing but mayhem. Your car is destined not to drive as it was new.


  1. Bad driving habits.


 Bad driving habits are also a huge contributor to the well-being of your car. If you are a bad driver, then it’s automatic that your car will be prone to failure and damage. Driving habits such as hard starts and stops, driving on brakes, shifting reverse and drive without stopping and so much more are what is killing your car. Change and drive as a normal driver and be sure of a longer life of your car.


  1. Dashboard warning lights ignorance.


 Ignoring the dashboard warning light is another killer mistake you are exposing your car to. Cars have sensors and computer system which detect problems and notifies the driver through the dashboard. Choosing to ignore the warning signs is digging an early grave for your car. Always pay attention to any alert and get it fixed right away.


  1. Poor cleaning routine.


Cleanliness is basic to a car’s life and wellbeing. Dirt and rust are the common killers of cars. When you leave your car unattended in terms of cleanliness, dirt accumulates in the vitals parts and causes clogging and damages these parts. You are hereby required to wash your car at least twice a week so that no damages affects your car as a result of dirt.




The above information is the remedy that is there in place in case you feel like your car doesn’t drive like new. You need to put in use the above point and you will for sure see a positive change in your car’s behavior. An extended warranty will also play a crucial role. Getting one will say bye to stress associated with a problematic car. Having an extended warranty will always make your car drive like new. All damages and expenses will be taken care of. Get in touch with us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation and purchase one. For a free quote of what we offer, call us at +1-866-660-6444 or email us via

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