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Do you know that driving your car on either the highway or city roads affects the health of your car afterward?. How and where you drive your car contributes to the well-being of your car. We have different car types; high-performance cars, regular cars, and racing cars. All these cars are meant for specific purposes respectively. Where they need to be driven is also another factor. Since most car owners have regular or so to say normal cars, they can be used for any purpose or driven anywhere. They can be driven on highways, city and off-road too. Driving a car on any of those roads comes with its consequences.

While you are driving be it on the highway or city, you must make sure you have an extended warranty with you. A car will never be immune to damages or breakdowns. Whether you are driving on a muddy or rocky off-road, smooth highway road, or a pothole-filled city road, your car will develop issues and jam up. Are you ready to deal with frequent fixations and expenses that come along? You end up spending a lot on that and after a while, it all gets so much frustrating. You need an extended warranty which is an extension to the factory warranty. By so doing, all the unforeseen problems won’t be a thing to worry about.


Though highway driving has does not have a huge contribution to the health of your car for years to come. It one way or the other affects the wellbeing of your car. This does not necessarily mean that city driving is that harmful to your car. Driving habits on both of the two is a facto to look out for. Here is why highway driving to some extent affects the longevity of your car usage.


Highway driving does not affect the balance, stability, and handling of a car.


The suspension system is one very important part of a car. The stability, balancing, and smooth handling you get as you drive are all courtesy of the suspensions system. The system is made up of several parts including; Joints, arms, bars, tires, shock absorbers, springs, struts, bushings, and linkages. All these parts play a collective role and bring out the comfortability and smooth feel as you drive. The system increases the contact of the tires and the ground and absorbs any vibrations and shakes when you hit a bump or hole. Safety is guaranteed too with a suspension system that is working properly. Now, we all have to agree that city road are bumpy and filled with potholes. They pose a great threat to the functionality of a suspensions system. Frequent bumping and hitting potholes weaken the systems thus reducing stability, handling and the possibility of an accident are very high. This in general kills or rather reduces the car’s life. Highway roads on the other side are usually smooth with almost zero to no bumps and holes. Using such smooth roads has no negative impact on the suspension system unlike using city roads.


Highway driving increases break life.


 Safety in a car is essential and that is why all cars need to have a working and stable braking system. Your car’s brakes need to be sharp and effective all through. City roads demand a lot of braking. Frequent pedestrian crossing, stop lights, potholes and bumps, and many other factors increase braking frequency. Doing so over and over increases wear and tear in the braking system which over time completely stalls. Driving without good working brakes is risky to the lives of those driving and the car itself. Highway roads demand less braking since the roads are all clear with no stoplights, intersections, or crossing pedestrians. This, therefore, exposes your brakes to zero risks.

Highway driving stabilizes and boosts engine and transmission functionality.

Since the engine is always moving, highway driving ensures that the rpm speed remains constant and the engine relaxes. There is less engagement of gears in the transmission system too which is good too. This gives the engine and transmission a ‘’break’’. The battery also gets sufficient charge and the alternator too. This boosts the life and well-being of both transmission and engine.



From what is in the information above, it is clear that indeed highway driving is helpful to the car. However, it does not guarantee maximum car life and usage over a long time. You still have to maintain and take good care of your car. Get that oil change, rotate tires often, and follow a service schedule. An extended warranty needs to be in use. Come visit us at our main offices at 7250 Keele Street, Suite 421, Concord, Ontario, L4K 1Z8 for a deeper chat on extended warranties. We are just a phone call away. +1-866-660-6444 is our direct toll-free line. You can also write to us via info@a-protectwarranty.com

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