No one can explain the feeling that feeling of coming out of a car dealership cruising down the lane in your brand new whip. In this case, it is not just any other car nut the might German machine, Mercedes Benz. That feeling is usually the way too special to summarize it in one word. Apart from getting your dream car, the car comes warranted by the factory to cover a cost that comes as a result of mechanical breakdowns. Mercedes Benz factory warranty varies from covering your car from 50,000 miles to 80,000 miles. After that period is over, the warranty expires. This means that you are the one responsible for all repair and replacement expenses.

This is now when things now begin to change. The excitement feeling at first now turns into the worst and bitter feeling ever. There is nothing as bad as a faulty Mercedes Benz. A problematic Mercedes Benz will cost you a lot than you ever expected. A good example to support the fact that a problematic Mercedes Benz is expensive is the damages to vital parts. The Engine gasket of a Mercedes Benz costs up to $10,000 to repair or replace. This is way too much to bear only to get your car fixed. What if your car has such expensive repairs frequently? That value is even to get a new or used car that is in good shape and form.

To avoid the lack of peace of mind and stress associated with a problematic car, you need to get an extended warranty. An extended warranty is an extension of the factory’s warranty. It plays a similar role to that the factory’s warranty. It is very helpful when owning a problematic Mercedes Benz car since you won’t be bothered by expensive repair expenses. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to help you out. Come get an extended warranty with us and secure your Mercedes Benz and your wallet from frequent and sudden expenses.

To avoid your Mercedes Benz from being problematic, here is what you need to do to keep your car running smoothly. Now you won’t need to worry when the car’s warranty is over.


  1. Constantly check on the engine mount.


The engine mount is one of the most reported issues that Mercedes Benz cars have. Engine mount perform a very crucial role which is to hold the engine and the transmission firmly on the frame. They help prevent a rough handling and feel while driving simply by absorbing vibrations and shock from the engine. Engine noise and vibrations are usually the signs of a cracked or worn out engine mount. Replacing and fixing is a bit expensive with a quoted price of over $1,000. You are therefore obliged to maintain and regularly check on your engine mount to make sure it is working properly and is in good shape.


  1. Never miss an oil change.


Oil is an essential liquid to any car’s engine. The engine plays a significant role to that played by the human heart. Oil on the other hand can be related to the blood. It flows through the engine. It plays very crucial responsibilities that are needed for the day-to-day activities in the engine. Oil is responsible for lubricating the internal parts of an engine. The internal parts are always grinding against each other. The grinding fastens wear and tear hence frequent failures. This needs a lubricant. On top of that, the engine generates temperatures that can be too high to cause explosions. Oil cools down the engine’s high temperatures hence regulating the internal temperatures from bringing disaster to the engine. Since most Mercedes Benz cars use synthetic oil rather than conventional oil, you have up to 10,000 miles to get an oil change.


  1. Always inspect the drive belts.


A Mercedes Benz drive belt is meant to only run for up to 40,00 miles after which you need to replace it for a new one. A drive belt is responsible for conveying power from the crankshaft to alternator, steering pump, air conditioning compressor and water pump. By closely monitoring the well-being of a drive belt, you will evade sudden repair repairs expenses that result from problems which are hard to see. You also need to ensure that the belt is tightly and well attached to the pulleys since loose pulls that are not well held by the belt are usually noisy.


  1. Adhere to the service schedule.


Following a strict service schedule is one way of ensuring your Mercedes Benz is secure from breakdowns and failures. Cars were never made immune to faults. Cars are assets that depreciate over time. In most cases, faults don’t just happen suddenly. They are usually developing into bigger problems over a given period. It is wise to maintain and follow your service schedule. This will make it easier to detect a problem before it develops and gets out of control. Frequent oil changes, brake pad check-ups, Engine diagnosis, and many more are what your cars undergo in a service center.




It is up to you that your Mercedes Benz will either run smoothly or be problematic. The expiry of your warranty should not make you stressed up. By following the above tips, you will for sure enjoy your experience with your car. You don’t want to fall victim to a problematic Mercedes Benz. Because it is a luxury car, maintaining it is a bit expensive than normal cars. Another remedy to having a perfect-performing Mercedes Benz is getting an extended warranty. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is one provider you need to work with. With zero paperwork, you can get an extended warranty very faster and safeguard your car. Call +1-866-660-6444 to chat with our customer care team. You can also choose to write to us through our email at info@aprotectwarranty.com.

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