Increased desertification, wildfires due to high temperatures, and increased ocean waters due to meltdown in the polar are the commons signs of climate change. Climate change has been brought about by the fastest-growing industrialization globally. Mass production of auto machinery began in the 50s and saw an increase in levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Up to date, there is still a high production so toxic fumes by machinery with cars being the highest producers due to the numbers. This led to scientists coming up with an alternative means to prevent excess damage to the environment. It can be traced back to almost 100 years back when the first electric car was invented. However, by the end of the 20th century, electric car models were slowly dying.

It was until the early 2000s when Toyota Prius was invented as the modern hybrid electric car and this brought back life to electric car production. Currently, most nations are pushing for green cars which do not harm the environment. The current world-leading producer of fully electric cars is Tesla. When purchased new, these cars come with the original factory warranty. It plays a very important role that is to take account the repair expenses and replacements that are of mechanical damage. This form of warranty will help you protect your financial ability since you will not drain money into fixing and repairing your car. However, the bad is that it is not meant to last for a long time. You will have to rough especially when you want to keep your car for long.

This now calls for an extended warranty. This is a form of warranty that is an extension to the factory warranty. You can get it for any type of machinery with electric cars being an inclusion too. This article will answer your doubtfulness in whether your electric car needs an extended warranty or not.

An electric car is not an exception when it comes to damages and breakdown. It is not immune to any of that. Just like any other car out here, it can break down and have failures. In fact, in some instances, managing such types of cars can be very expensive. Well, an extended will play a crucial and make you have a smooth experience with your car. And this is how;


1.Extended warranty enhances peace of mind.


Imagine you wake up in the morning, hit the road while hamming your favorite tune smoothly with no interruptions daily. This is what an extended warranty does to you and your electric car. The fear of your car breaking down and being slapped with high bills for repair and fixes is not even with your space of thinking. You always have the assurance that in case of anything, an extended has got your back. An extended warranty will make you healthier since you are not bothered and stressed with a problematic car. With all the peace of mind and stress-free life, what else do you want! Come grab an extended warranty for your car. 


  1. Extended warranty saves costs.


Unforeseen damages and breakdowns just come out of nowhere. At times the damages can be very expensive to repair. Imagine your transmission systems jams. What can you do when your bank account is below the quoted price for fixing it which is almost $2000. The motor of electric cars and replacement of the batteries is something else you don’t what to hear. All that expensive repairs on you? No way! Bu t with an extended warranty, you will not spend that much in catering for the expenses. With only a small deductible of around $200 or even none, you end up saving a couple of dollars in the end. If you live under a tight budget, your plans and calculations won’t be interfered with. An extended warranty for your car promotes the spirit of saving.


  1. Extended warranty increases the resale value.


If you plan to resale your electric car in the future then you also have no reason to worry about your car’s value. Cars and other machinery depreciate in times over a given period. The value of the car in 2021 will not be the same in 2025. The depreciation process speeds up more when your car is not taken good care of. With an extended warranty, you are sure that your car will be in good shape and for a good time. When you resale it, you end up getting a good value for it.




Extended warranties are very important for your car and need not doubt the decision of getting one. Do you want tom to keep your car in good form? Do you want a stress-free and peace of mind to come your way? Then an extended warranty guarantees all that. Come check us out at A-Protect Warranty Corporation for a free quote. We are located at 7250 Keele Street, Suite 421, Concord, Ontario, L4K 1Z8. If you wish to call, contact us at +1-866-660-6444 or write to us at We are ready for you!

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