A windshield is a very important part your car should never lack. It guarantees the safety of the driver and all other passengers. Safety is the number factor every car maker out here considers. Driver a car without a windshield is exposing those in a car to life-threatening disasters. Do not forget the penalties associated with driving a car with no or damaged windshield. To avoid all the penalties, you are supposed to take good care of your windshield and make sure it is in good form and shape. Considering that it is such a critical part of a car, maximum care and protection are needed.

Protecting our assets from unexpected disasters is one thing we always want. Disasters ring or knock no bells. Your car can fall victim to any place and time. Frequent damage and expenses coming out of nowhere can be frustrating at times. You can avoid all that by getting an extended warranty. An extended warranty will help protect you from unexpected expenses that result from mechanical damages. By doing so, you will be free from unexpected repair expenses and therefore live a peaceful life.

For your windshield to live a much longer life and be in good shape and form, you need to do a lot. Care and maintenance are key in this case. Here are some tips on how to get your windshield to be in that goods form all through;


Immediately fix all rock chips.


Rock chips are cracks that are formed as a result of flying rocks that come in contact with your windshield. At first, the rock chips might seem too little to cause obstruction but that will not be the case after all. Over time, these rock chips increase in size and spread all through your windscreen. They cause vision obstruction and ultimately cannot be prepared. When you get hit by the rocks, always take fast actions and get the rock chip repaired. You are also advised to drive carefully and not too close to the cars in front of you. You don’t want to spend on replacing an entire windscreen which is costly. Just get that minor rock chip fixed asap!


Park your car in a shady or closed environment.


The risk of parking your car at any place is usually very high to your car. This is why the sign that says ‘’park at your own risk’’ is common at some parking lots. When you park your car in an open place is a threat to the windscreen in many ways. If your windshield has rock chips or cracks formed already, direct sunlight causes them to increase in size due to high temperatures. Temperature changes affect the windshield by exerting pressure on the already formed cracks making them expand. Parking your car in an open space exposes your car to falling rocks, flying objects, bird droppings and so much more problems. Now is the time to clear that garage and get your car parked in.


Maintain your wipers well enough.


Though you do not use the windshield wiper often you need to take good of them too. Those scratches and cracks are also brought about by a windshield. A rusty and n sandy windshield will be a huge contributor to the damaged windshield. Always clean the windshield wipers and get rid of debris and sand stuck in them. After every 6 months, you are required to replace the existing wipers with new ones.


Nano safeguards your windshield.


It treating your windshield with a chemical or coating which bonds to the glass on the windshield. It cats like a shield to protect your windshield glass. In case a stone hits one place on the windshield, the impact does not major on one spot but spreads through the entire screen. Nano safeguard is also rain and dirt-resistant. There are tons of ways to safeguard your windshield but this is the most preferred method.



Safeguarding and protecting your windshield is now easier thanks to the tips above. You are required to execute the above tips for a sure longer life of your car’s windshield. Do not forget to top warranty your windshield too. With the bumper-to-bumper warranty, you can get your windshield secure from expenses that come due to damages. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is the right place to purchase a plan What are you waiting for? Come secure your windshield with us. +1-866-660-6444 IS our direct line. You can write to us via and get yourself a free quote.

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