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Cars and any other types of machinery out here are always victims of damage and breakdown. All this is inevitable on every machinery man makes. In this case, cars are the type of assets which given a long time of use, they do depreciate in quality. A car bought brand new in 2021 will not be in the same pristine condition come 5 years ahead. Care and maintenance is the determinant to the rate at which your car will depreciate. If you put in an extra mile in taking care of your car then be sure to use it for a much longer time. Again if you are the kind of person who cares less for his/her asset then be ready to face the consequence. While a car is depreciating in nature, it is accompanied by common breakdowns and failures. Engine and generally the powertrain parts become so much problem in that case. The only cure and remedy to that problem are following a strict maintenance schedule. By doing so, you will see your car being in good form.

Taking your car to a dealership for service and check-up is the common way of maintaining your car. You need to set up given dates on a calendar strictly meant for servicing your car. Now, you just don’t take your car to any dealership out there. Everyone wants his/her car handled by a well-qualified serviceman. You don’t wish your car to pass through the hands of an unqualified person. Well, here are the pros and cons of taking your car to an unauthorized dealership for maintenance.




Saves you money.


Taking your car to unauthorized personnel for repairs and replacement is quite cheaper than visiting a real and authorized dealership. The authentic and authorized dealership tends to charge more than the rest since your car gets treated with professional and quality check-up compared to the unauthorized dealership. Since the unauthorized dealerships have no qualified or well-trained personnel, they just provide their services at any rate provided at the end of the day they get something. With the habit of taking your car to an unauthorized dealership, you’re risking and attracting a lot of dangers to your car. As we all know, cheap is expensive. No matter how sweet the deal is, try as much as possible to avoid visiting unauthorized dealerships. Do not be lured by the cheap service fee but consider the well-being of your car.



Easy to find cheap replacement parts.


When you take your car to an unauthorized dealership to get your car parts repaired, you will be charged less than replacing the part in an authorized dealership. This is because the parts replaced by an unauthorized dealership are usually not obtained from the right source or by using fraud means. Unlike getting your car’s parts replaced with high charges, you spent less on unauthorized dealers.


Do not have upsells.


Dealing with unauthorized dealerships is very efficient. You are not exposed to frequent upsells which are very common with authorized dealers. Upsells come in the form of more repairs that are not even supposed to be done. The authorized dealership will often add fixations and repairs which are not even necessary. They want to reap off as much money as they can.




Cars get exposed to counterfeit parts.


Dealing with an unauthorized dealership is very risky to your car since it gets exposed to counterfeit parts. During replacements, the servicemen replace counterfeit parts rather than the original ones. That might work but be rest assured that it won’t last. Fake spare parts are very common and most guys go for them since they are cheaper and easily found. However, to see your car being in great shape for a long time, always use original and authentic parts. 


Spare part theft or bad repairs are common.

Currently, one of the leading spare-part theft is the removal of catalytic converters from the exhaust system. This is due to the presence of precious material in it. The most unauthorized dealership are not to be trusted due to that and so many other thefts done to your car while it is being serviced. Poor service is also common. Due to lack of skill, your cars go through the hands of unqualified persons who may end up tampering and causing more problems to your car.




The unauthorized dealership has a positive impact and the same time a negative one. From being cheap and affordable to ruining your car’s state with counterfeit and poor service and check-ups. Do not look at the pros of getting your car serviced by an unauthorized dealership, it may mislead you and end up losing your precious car functionality. Getting an extended warranty will help you a lot since it will ensure your car gets serviced by an authorized service center. It will make things easier in the sense that you just claim through a call and everything gets fixed and sorted. The fear of spending a lot on repairs will be no longer there if you have an extended warranty. Hurry and come get one from us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation. For more information and clarification, go ahead and dial +1-866-660-6444 and talk to our team.

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