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Money is an essential factor in making sure your car is in good shape and form. It is applied in every aspect, from the point you inject money into that dealership to the time you resale it. This entails all repairs and replacements. Cars assets demand a lot of money to manage. The reason behind that is cars are never immune to damage and breakdown. The quality and nature of a car depreciate over time. Frequent breakdowns and failures are common in the long term of owning a car. Now, one question comes in mind, why does it cost more money to repair a car than it does to maintain or take good care of it. The two; repairing a car and taking good care are related and affect one another in one way or the other.

Look, a well-maintained car means fewer faults and problems whereas a poorly maintained one is the opposite. The costs related to a faulty car are one thing you should never think of experiencing. A problematic car will make you keep sinking deep in your wallet to cater for the fixes. It is such a terrible burden! However, you can avoid all that spending by getting an extended warranty. Is it new to you? 

Well, an extended warranty is an extension to the factory’s warranty. It plays the role of covering for expenses that are related to mechanical damages to the car. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is the right place to get your car an extended warranty.


Common car problems and their repair costs


1.Engine Control Module replacement.


The engine is one part of a car you should hope it never gets too faulty. You might end up stuck due to the bills. It is a small black block with inbuilt transistors and a circuit board. It might seem nothing big but yes it is! It is responsible for monitoring your car sensors and ensuring everything is performing at its required range. Current shorts are the common killers to the EMC system. To replace it, you need over $1,500. That price is for basic and average-performing cars. However, the case is different from luxury and high-performing cars.


  1. Head Gasket replacement.


Oil performs numerous activities in the engine and is very vital to its life. The head gasket seals the engine cylinder thus preventing any leaks of the oil. Faults related to the engine gasket are serious and pose a great threat to the engine life. Overheating and complete engine stalling are common when the engine gasket is at fault. To get it repaired, you need to cash in over $1,000 to get it done. Remember, that price is not for all car models.


3.Brake line repair.


Brakes are very important to the car since they guarantee safety to the entire person in the car. A failing brake system is very dangerous to the lives of those inside the car. Brake failures are among the leading factors for increased road accidents. The brake line is important in the entire braking system. Any faults on it will cost you up to $1,500 to fix. Depending on the type of car or the mechanic, the prices could even go higher than that.


How to take good care of your car to avoid expensive repairs.


Wash your car often.


Water is a good agent in making sure your car is sparkling and shiny. It is also very helpful in preventing direct particles and debris from affecting your car’s performance. 

The engine, air compressor, and braking system are usually affected by dirt and dust. Washing your car won’t cost you anything much if you do it by yourself. Even if you take your car to a professional carwash, you still won’t spend that much. Make it your responsibility to wash your car at least twice a week. Cleanliness will put your car in good shape and form.


Change engine oil and filters.


Oil is an essential fluid in a car’s engine. It plays crucial roles which are aimed at keeping the engine alive. From cooling the engine, lubricating internal components and so much more. As time goes by, the engine oil depreciates in quality. This affects the way it performs. You need to do an oil change as per the required range of 5,000 miles for conventional oil. The oil filters need to be changed since oil collects dirt as it circulates through the engine. This will cost you not more than $200 for conventional oil. On top of that, you get to enjoy free oil change if you have an extended warranty from us!




From the above information, it is clear that spending on repairs is very expensive than taking care of. As the saying goes, It is wise to repair cracks on a wall than repairing an entire wall. Care and maintenance are key. This and many other forms of car maintenance are ways of preventing spending too much on repairs. An extended warranty is also helpful. With an extended warranty, you won’t be required to use your own pennies to meet repair expenses. The expenses will be directed to the warranty provider. Our services and worth a try provided by our good and dedicated team always at your service. Give us a call to inquire more through +1-866-660-6444.

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