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Most car owners by the fact all know how to drive. There are the more skilled ones, skilled ones, and newbies. However, amongst all those levels of driving experience, accidents, damages, and breakdowns are inevitable. These types of disasters do carry along a couple of bucks to get them fixed. In simple terms, expensive repairs come as a result of driving habits. It doesn’t matter how skilled and perfect you are behind the wheel. What matters a lot is the habit and behaviors you use while driving. Many will argue with the fact that driving habits affect the health and well-being of a car. It is true, the way you drive your car affects the car’s shape and form.

Now that disasters are never evadable, you need to get an extended warranty. This type of warranty protects you from unforeseen calamities which pose unexpected expenses to the owner. This distracts the car owner’s peace of mind and comfort. Sometimes the situation can worsen to the extent of permanent stalling of a once precious machine. You don’t want that to happen to you. Do not hesitate. Make that decision a.s.a.p. and come get an extended warranty from us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation.

Expensive repairs are usually a result of damages or any other failure on one or many parts of a vehicle. Driving habits are one of the main factors which affect repair expenses. Good driving habits mean that you won’t spend a lot of repairs whereas bad driving habits are vice versa. In most cases, the repair expenses are usually moderate and manageable. However, there reaches a point where repair expenses are too high. Well, this article will help find out how you can drive your car to avoid huge repair expenses.


Stop before shifting between reverse and drive.


Hurry hurry has no blessings! not at all. The same applies to shifting between the drive and reverse gears. When driving be it manual or automatic, you need to come to a complete stop before engaging either gear. The crunching of the two gears will cause devastating problems to your transmission system and the engine too. However, modern cars have an inbuilt inhibition system that prevents engaging reverse or forward while in motion. For old car versions, it is a bit different. These cars do not have an inhibition mechanism. Doing that is posing a huge risk to the transmission. If you try that and all goes wrong then prepare to pay. It is just advisable that you don’t try doing that no matter how old or modern your car is. Don’t!


Slow down on bumps and avoid portholes.


This is a clever way of avoiding unnecessary damages to the car. Due to ignorance and recklessness, most drivers bump into bumps while speeding and also slam in to portholes without evading. This is by far the silliest thing to do. As a good driver, you need to slow down when a bump is ahead of you. No matter how shallow a porthole might look, always try to avoid it. The vice versa causes damage to the wheel alignment, steering, suspension, and also the tires. Hitting a bump while speeding affects the steering wheel mechanism. This might also extend to losing control and handling thus cause accidents.


 Avoid Overloading.


This is a common mistreating we show our cars. We always want to put in a much cargo as possible and fill the car to the brim. A car has the specific cargo load limit it is supposed to carry. Surpassing that level means you overloading it. Overloading increases stress to the powertrain, brakes, and suspension of a car. Any damage to those parts is something you never want to experience. You will end up spending a lot to fix the repairs.


Respond to dashboard alerts.


A car has an inbuilt system that can detect any faults the car might be having. These faults are displayed on the car’s dashboard to alert the driver. Ignorance is one thing that kills a car. Most drivers ignore the important alerts displayed. Over time, faults get more and more devastating bringing the car to complete stalling. You need to immediately fix any repair alert popping on your dashboard or else you will be digging a grave for your car.



Driving habits have a close relation to the well-being of your car. We wish to drive in perfect working cars which are free from frequent errors. Yes, that is possible but only if we put in the above and more good driving habits. An extended warranty will also be a plus to the car. It comes in to take over or rather cover your cover from expenses that arise as a result of mechanical damages. Yes, damages do happen, but it is wise to change your driving habit to reduce the rate and effects of such occurrences on our cars and our financial states. Our courteous and dedicated team is waiting for your call. +1-866-660-6444 is our direct line. You can write to us through

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