Colour is one very important thing in the lives of us humans. Colour communicates and speaks with the outside world of what we are made of in the inner side. We always want to get better things in life that satisfy our needs. There will always be options to what we need and you need criteria to pick out what stands out and suits you well. One factor that helps you in that quest is color. Colour carries and expresses desires, emotions, and our inner personalities of who we are. Shopping for a car for instance is usually not that easy. As we know, there are tons of cars out here with different color paintings. But you won’t just walk straight to any car and drive it off. First, you need to sample out and weigh the car with other factors such as performance, fuel economy, and features. Then the ultimatum which is the color comes in.

We all are different and everyone has his/her personality. Car color choice is one way of showing the world what we are made up of. Here is what your car’s color says about you.




To some individuals, black is considered a dark color full of grim and generally associated with negative reputations. That is wrong! Black is a powerful color and reigns and stands out of all colors. Being a black car lover puts you in some exaggerated level of executive and luxury class. This can be related mostly to famous individuals like actors, musicians, and high-profile business people. Black is always a match with them. Another trait of black car owners is they are very independent individuals who don’t like their space being interfered with. They have control over themselves and those within. Style and sexiness are also other personalities with black lovers.


  1. Gold.


If you see Gold, success is what comes into your mind. It is a precious and expensive mineral in reality and therefore can only be acquired by the rich. Gold lovers are usually guys who have made it or are trying to be successful in life. With success being in your reach, all that surrounds you is nothing but quality and rich in class. You always radiate love and compassion to those within you and try to uplift them to successful levels. At the same time, you pull people close to you and treat them with warmth, and show positivity amongst them. You are an intelligent and sharp-minded person who is driven by the mentality of success.


  1. Silver.


Silver tells us that you are a busy person who is practical business-oriented and innovative. Similar to gold, silver symbolized prosperity and success. The slickness and stylish nature of silver make it associated with people who value style. On cars, silver kind of camouflages dirt. This shows that you are also on a busy schedule and have no time for minor barriers since you are success-oriented and only steer going forward.


  1. White.


You are a clear and pristine person who does not like to hide things but rather expose them. You also can stay calm and humble even in trying times such as conflicts. You are a peaceful person. White makes you live a simple and cool life with minimal to zero disturbance. This color also signifies that you are a clean person and love all that you own and what is around you look sparkling with no dirt. The braveness and more confidence speak out for themselves for those with white cars.


  1. Red.


Red comes out as being bold, dynamic, and energetic. This means that you are a go-getter who pushes it to the limit and gets what you want no matter what. The boldness makes you fearless and can confront absolutely anything without any worries. Energy is also another trait with red color lovers. Compassionate and love to those close to you are common too.




Colors are very powerful and artistic since they speak or portray what our inner personalities are made of. Your preference for any color simply brings out the real you to the world. In short, colors do resemble who we are. Traits are different with each color just like our fingerprints are. This makes us different and unique from each other.

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