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Purchasing a brand new car can be easy, quick, and fun, and at the same time, the process can be tiresome boring, and hectic. Getting a brand new car, in general, is never a walk in the park as you may think of. You need to have factors that will drive you to pick the right and perfect match and just the car that suits you. In this case, getting an AUDI will always depend on various factors which need to be considered. AUDI is a German machine and as we all know, Germany never disappoints when it comes to making quality and luxurious cars. The brand is known to produce high-end cars rich in class and extra performance which most first-time car owners would wish for. Well, you just can’t rush into a car dealership or showroom and pick your choice and drive off. No!, that is not the right way to go about it. 

This article will help you get to know the factors to always consider when buying an AUDI be it new or used. An extended warranty is a necessity too while making a purchase. When new, the AUDI comes with the original factory warranty. However, it does not last long or covers extensively as an extended warranty would do. An extended warranty works more and is meant to last longer thus putting your car in good form and shape. When the factory warranty expires, an extended warranty comes in and helps you handle unexpected expenses and breakdowns which perhaps maybe too much for you. Check out A-Protect Warranty Corporation for more information. Keep reading!




Like purchasing any other thing out here, a budget is always a necessity before getting that AUDI you desire. Because AUDI is a high-end luxury car, your budget needs to be a little bit high and more. You need to set a budget depending on the specific model you need. There are a variety of brands from which you can pick. We have the least expensive model which is the AUDI A3 Sedan starting at $38,900 and the most expensive starting at over $100,000. You can only pick a car that is equivalent to your wallet. If you opt to get a loan then have a budget set to help you pay it out. Budget is very important not only in purchasing the car but other extra charges that will come along. That is car registration, insurance, and a warranty. Service and maintenance will also need to be included in your budget. In this scenario, a carefully and well-structured budget will work best.


  1. Fuel economy.


This is another important factor to consider before laying hands on your new or used AUDI car. Fuel is still in use in also 99% of cars produced globally. This makes fuel a most important asset thus more dependable and reliable to use. Actually what runs the world’s economy is fuel. This makes it go up in terms of value thereby coming at a cost. In these current days, the international prices per gallon have hiked thus spreading its effects to the grassroots. The amount you spend to fuel up your car will depend on the model. There are fuel guzzlers and at the same times fuel economizers. It alL depends on which model to pick. The introduction of hybrid cars and electric AUDI’s is an option still. 


  1. Engine capacity.


The performance of a car depends on so many factors with engine power being on the front line. AUDI never disappoints when it comes to engine size and powers. However, not all models have the same engine features. The more and stronger the engine is, the better.


  1. Safety.


A guaranteed safety to the lives of those in a car is very vital and needs to be top-notch before picking on a car. When it comes to safety, AUDI carries the day with its pristine and unmatched safety features. All AUDI cars are equipped with modern and advanced features such as cruise control, AUDI pre-sense, Night vision assistance, turn to assist and collision avoidance assist.


  1. Mileage(if the car is used).


Mileage is a measure of the amount of distance the car has been driven. It is an important aspect, especially when getting a used car. A car with more mileage on it means that it has been used for a long thus might not be in good form. For a low mileage car, most of the car’s parts are in good form and shape thus more suitable.




From the above information, we can point out that getting a brand new AUDI is not that swift and easy. There are tons of factors to watch out for before heading and getting one for yourself. An extended warranty will be of great help and importance to your car. Damages and breakdowns are very common and unpredictable. Your car can be a victim at any time and anywhere. You need an extended warranty which will cover all the expenses and costs that come along. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is the best provider to choose when getting an extended warranty. Get in touch with us through email at or directly call us via +1-866-660-6444.

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