Just like any other assets out here, cars get affected in one way or another by several factors. One of the commons factors affecting the well-being of a car is the weather. We can compare a car to a living thing in some way. Whereby, for a car to ‘’live long’’ and be in good form and shape for a long time, needs to be treated with care and protected all times from agents that might hinder its operation and functionality. Effects of weather change are usually felt in almost every aspect. We usually live in an always weather-changing environment that sometimes is unpredictable. 

Cold weather mostly comes in during the winter seasons. The snowing, icing, and freezing temperatures are usually experienced the most during wintertime. Cars get affected in different ways during such times. You need to brace and prepare earlier if you are heading into cold weather. You also need to have information on how you can take good care of your car in cold weather. This article will show you how.

 Heading into a cold season without an extended warranty is the very first mistake to make. An extended warranty comes in place after the factory warranty expires. As we all know, the factory warranty does not last long. Damages and breakdowns are very common in cold weather. Spending a lot on fixing your car is not what you wish for. However, with an extended warranty, you will have a smooth transition in and out of a cold season without issues. Check out A-Protect Warranty Corporation for more details.

Now let’s dig into how to maintain your car in cold weather.


1.Get a winter service before the cold season begins.


Cold weather is associated a lot with winter. The beginning of winter comes with freezing sub-zero temperatures which are usually harsh not only to us but to our cars too. With earlier preparations, you can get into the cold weather and have a perfect experience all along without your car jamming up or being problematic. Getting a winter service before the actual cold time begins will put you ahead of the pack. A service puts everything in good shape and form and ensures your car is in tip-top condition. Make sure you get it done by a professional from a reputable service center. Extended warranties offer service to the customers in selected service centers. Having an extended warranty is a plus.


  1. Do not ignore dashboard warning alerts.


In surveys conducted by research institutions, it was confirmed that a good percentage of drivers do not show concern for most of the dashboard warnings. There is a worryingly small number of guys whose dashboard does not even work. These warnings are very important since they alert the driver of any complications which can be difficult to notice earlier. The earlier the warning the better.


  1. Add an anti-freeze to your engine coolant.


A car’s engine is always running and by so doing generates heat over time. The heat needs to be cooled so that the engine can continue working in harmony. Too much heat may cause serious damages or even fires. An engine coolant which is a mix of water and antifreeze needs to be filled always. In cold weather, temperatures are can get below freezing point. An engine coolant lacking an anti-freeze is likely to freeze out hence exposing your engine to overheat. That’s risky to the engine’s life. 


  1. Check your car tires frequently.


Checking in your tire is a crucial activity that needs to be done frequently not only during the cold weather but in all weather conditions. In this case, during cold weather, tires need to be rightly inflated and with enough thread to move through icy or wet roads. In winter times, you need to replace your normal tires with winter specialised ones.


  1. Rust-proof or wax your car.


Rust is very dominant in cold weather. This is due to the high amount of moisture in the air giving room for a reaction to metallic parts that form rust. Rust if not protected against can be a huge threat to your car. You need to rustproof your car and wax it so as to protect that shiny and appealing look.


Cold weather to some might not look like a huge threat to the life and well-being of a car. This is in fact the time where your car gets exposed to a very rough and harsh condition. Things will definitely not go well for your car in the end. Freezing temperatures, ice, rains, and snow are very harmful to the car. You need to adhere to a strict maintenance habit at all times when the cold times kick in. An extended warranty at hand is also another weapon to combat the ravaging cold weather. You need one for your car and this is the right time to get it. Liaise with our customer care team through email at or call +1-866-660-6444 and talk to us.

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