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Many people find it hard choosing which car, manual or automatic when acquiring one. Manual transmission cars require the driver to shift gears while operating it through a friction clutch. Automatic cars shift gears on their own. Due to a lot of engagement, many first-time car owners have opted for automatic transmission cars, unlike experienced drivers. First automatic cars are dated more than a century in Canada.

Automatic transmission cars use sensors that allow them to shift gears by use of internal oil pressure. Torque convertor handles gear shifting when the transmission is disconnected from the engine. These cars come with their strengths and weaknesses.




  1. Safety. 


Automatic cars are safer when you compare them to manual ones. Driving a manual car requires one to shift gears using one hand while steering with the other. In automatic cars, the gears are transmitted on their own so the driver steers using all their arms hence safety is guaranteed. For new or inexperienced drivers, it’s an added advantage as they maintain their focus. With power steering it’s easier for one to shift the wheel hence driving with one hand for inexperienced drivers may not be that safe.


  1. Convenient and easy to use.


 Automatic transmission cars are most easy to use than stick shift vehicles. The automatic transmission cars uses transmission fluid to control gear ratios. Hydraulic planetary transmission is most commonly used these days. Transmission fluid is kept under pressure by an oil pump that controls various clutches and bands. Once the gear is on the drive, the driver has less work as far as gears are concerned. This makes driving simpler and more relaxed.


  1. Power and torque. 

Automatic cars are more powerful than manual cars. Different gear make-up makes the car’s power evenly spread out over a greater area increasing the car’s power. Torque is a rotating force produced by the engine’s shaft. Automatic cars got a torque converter that increases the torque of the vehicle. Due to higher torque Acceleration, speed is boosted for automatic cars from both ignitions and while driving along. Automatics shift gears faster and more accurately hence no opportunities for mistiming making its acceleration speeds faster. With a torque converter, a car starts and stops without user intervention.

  1. Risk of stalling is reduced


For automatic cars, the risk of stalling while driving is highly minimized or even unlikely for one doesn’t need to involve the clutch which changes transmission in the engine. Stalling in fast-moving traffic can cause problems to the car and other motorists too. 


Cons of automatic transmission car.


  1. High repair cost. 


Acquiring automatic cars is more expensive as compared to manual cars due to reliability on more complex transmissions. They rely more on torque conversion and gear switching which are more expensive. More people spend more on transmission maintenance and fuel consumption. Many of these car owners incur high costs of buying and repairing with a lower selling cost as they are mostly preferred.


  1. Not enjoyable.


 Driving an automatic car is not enjoyable as compared to manual cars. Manual cars provide an interactive session with the drivers as they have to engage clutch and gears which is far more fun and lively. For automatic cars, the driver may fall asleep at times when they are not more engaged. Hence some people find these cars less interesting to drive.


  1. Transmission faltering. 

While engaging this car, the driver experiences a slight delay before the car starts moving. This hesitation might be caused by a badly functioning pressure pump or inadequate gas pressure in the transmission.


  1. Licensing problem


The problem of being licensed on automatic cars might restrict you from driving a manual transmitted one. One may be required to go back to school and get a manual license before coming to drive a manual car.




All in all, with the changing world most people and countries are embracing automatic cars more so the electric ones. Learning to drive in an automatic car can let you concentrate mostly on the positioning and road signs thus much safer. Automatic cars have made driving so easy that many people like to own them.

On the contrary, the automatic transmission is not efficient in terms of fuel consumption, price of purchase, and maintenance and security.

Generally, an automatic transmission car’s pros surpass its cons which makes the car better to drive than the manual one. A-Protect warranty Corporation offers extended warranties for your car. This form of warranty is very important in managing unforeseen expenses that come as a result of breakdowns and damages. You can get a free online quote by calling +1-866-660-6444(toll-free) or by emailing

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