Due to the advancement in technology in these modern times, We get weather updates and patterns earlier and in most cases prepare adequately enough. Well, with that earlier info of how to expect things, we always get ourselves ready and braced for it as the days close in one after the other. But then there is one thing we don’t give serious attention to and that is our cars. In most winter cases, cars don’t get the love and attention they deserve. They get exposed to the harsh and nasty ice and snow together with the sub-zero freezing temperatures. It is only at the end of the season when you realize how much suffering and damage your car has gone through.

In this case, your AUDI needs to be protected by all means from winter’s effects. Before getting into winter, make sure your car is snow-proofed to protect it from damages associated with snow and ice. Snow might not look dangerous to your AUDI but hell yeah! It is. Also, don’t forget about getting an extended warranty for your car. It plays a similar but more crucial role than the manufacturer warranty that comes with the car when new. Here is how to snow-proof your AUDI this winter.

Check with the tire tread.

Traction remains to be the most important factor all time during winter. Without it, you won’t move even an inch but rather skid or slide around or anywhere the road takes you. You need to make sure your AUDI tire treads are all in good form to handle the condition of the roads. You can do so by using an easy-to-find tool at your nearest store that is used to measure the tire tread. There is also a life hack of using a penny to get the right measurement though not that precise. Remember, winter tires remain to be a good option here. The all-condition tires that you decide to use won’t guarantee you maximum performance. Winter tires are specially designed to deal with snowy and icy roads which make them suitable.

Consider waxing your car.

The possibility of rust eating your AUDI might never linger in your brain during winter times. You are wrong! During winter, your car gets exposed to rust-promoting agents such as salts and dirt which are very harmful to your car. Waxing remains to be the only option that will protect your AUDI’s lower parts from getting damaged. The car body painting will also remain intact and protected from snow and ice which causes peeling off. Doing so will ensure that after-winter look remains shiny and appealing.

Park inside a garage or use a car cover when parking outdoors.

Parking your car in an exposed environment is very risky due to the exposure to snow and ice. These two can cause more than disaster to your car if parked outside for a very long time. The situation worsens especially if you have not winter-proofed your car using other ways. Rust to damages to the internal parts of the engine is only what you need to expect when you park your car in an open space. Ensure you purchase a car cover that is thick enough to cover the entire AUDI and at least shield it from harsh conditions. A garage is far much better. It provides the protection and serenity your AUDI needs.

Do away with foggy or burnt lights.

Visibility gets affected a lot during winter thus you need to drive while the lights are on. Foggy lights don’t bring out a brighter look but rather a faint one which to oncoming drivers can neither be seen too. In fact, how do you drive on a foggy day using foggy lights? The possibility of an accident is very high. This may also affect you as the driver. For instance, you hit an ice-filled pothole unknowingly and get stuck. The result is always something nasty. Burnt lights also need to be gotten rid off. Ensure you have new and working ones. As it is always with the law, it is a punishable offense to drive in a snowing condition without your lights on. Don’t be the culprit here!


No one wishes to have his/her majestic AUDI get ruined by nothing else but the weather. Yes, no one wishes, but things take a twist and your car becomes the victim. However, this only happens to the car owners who don’t take precautions. Snow-proofing before winter is very wise and surely saves you. Unexpected repairs expenses will be common if you opt not to. Don’t worry, A-protect Warranty Corporation got you covered. It is only a phone call away to get your AUDI covered. +1-866-660-6444 is our direct line. If you wish to write to us use and get yourself a free quote.

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