Winter is here with us again, and yes we have to brace ourselves and get ready for its impacts. Winter comes with both positive and negative impacts on almost the entire ecosystem and every other sector. From humans, animals, and any other assets we own could be a victim to the ravaging effects of winter. Cars are one of the main assets which get affected a lot by winter. From the freezing temperatures to regular falling snow and ice. All this has a very huge impact on your car’s form and shape. Frozen windows and engine freeze-up are amongst the common signs of bad form for your car during winter. 

Your car needs maximum care and protection all through the winter season to protect it from complete installment. This is why A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here for you. We offer an extended warranty which is something your car cannot do without. Our extended warranties will cater to unexpected expenses associated with damage and breakdown. As we all know, there is no human machine that is not prone to error or damage. Nothing is immune to damage. What if your car breaks down and you are not financially ready to meet the expenses.

Either way, winter is one hell of a time where your car’s life matters. Here are 5 things you need to do for your car to keep it in good form and shape.

Changes to winter tires.

The fierce cold of winter poses a threat to normal summer tires. This is because summer tires are only meant to be used during summertime. During winter, the road gets icy and filled with snow. This makes a car having normal summer tires hard to maneuver through that kind of condition. Icy roads are slippery. The slippery nature of these roads makes it hard to control and handle the car in the right manner. Sometimes even breaking becomes a problem. Traction is the key solution to these problems. Winter tires are engineered with a modified rubber that can withstand harsh cold temperatures. These tires are very vital in ensuring road safety during winter. Failure to fix winter tires is the same to catch a snake by its tail. Accidents are very common with car owners who ignore using winter tires. Do not be a victim.

Check on the engine coolant.

Engine coolant is an important liquid in your car’s engine. It is responsible for the protection of your engine from freezing. It is also helpful in protecting your car from rust and other corrosive substance. Over time, the coolants depreciate in terms of quality. This weakens its ability to protect your engine from freezing and other damages. Use a tester that will determine whether the coolant is still effective or dormant. It is wise to do this frequently to avoid complete damages to the internal parts of the engine. The expenses that come along with a damaged engine are too high to handle. No matter how hard the matter is, A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to save you from such huge and unexpected costs.

Make sure your battery is well maintained.

You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a stall battery. A car’s battery needs to check up all the time to make sure it is fully operational. Its life is very limited thus need for extra care and maintenance. The battery’s terminal needs to be protected from rust to enhance the proper flow of current. The terminals need to be spared with a coating liquid that will inhibit the entry of rust agents. They also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid any rust formation. If you park your car for long during winter without igniting is a direct ticket to a dead battery. Make sure you at least run the car engine for some time so that the battery can be charged and not just lay dormant. A well-maintained battery will increase its health and life by a great milestone. At the end of the day, batteries have a limited life.

Change to winter windshield wipers.

Winter wipers are special wipers that are meant to withstand the harsh icy and snow conditions during winter. Visibility is one aspect that gets affected a lot during winter. You need a wiper that is meant to wipe off the thick snow that falls onto the windshield and can hinder your visibility. Visibility will make you avoid collisions and other accidents making your car be in good shape.

Wash your car during winter.

There is no doubt that many people usually ignore washing their cars during winter. Well, before winter begins consider giving your ride a thorough wash and wax. This will protect your car from rust agents. This method can only be effective through continuous washing and not only a one-time process. 


Winter is a threat to the life of your car if you don’t put into consideration the above tips. You need to give your car protection and care. An extended warranty should also be on your checklist before winter comes so that you can safeguard your car against damages. We offer a wide variety of extended warranty plans ranging from basic one to complex. You get what you meet financially. Our prices are very friendly together with our team that is very accommodative. What are you waiting for! Give us a call at +1-866-660-6444 for a free quote.

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