Summer is here once again folks! What a great time and season to finally get kissed by the beautiful sun after a harsh and hefty winter. We also cannot forget about the ravaging pandemic that has been down on our necks ever since 2020. Thanks now we do have vaccines and can get out as we used to. The whole of last year summer was amongst the worst summer times in history. During that time, the pandemic was at its peak stages in all corners. Lockdowns and curfews made it hard for summer enthusiasts to enjoy themselves. However, 2021 has brought change with the latest discoveries being made by the medical sector bringing smiles to the world.

Currently, people can move and interact freely thanks to the vaccine. This summer will be much different from the one of the previous. The beach lovers can now busk freely under the soothing sun rays while the road tripper can hit the road with no worries. Vacationers have also reason to smile since they can visit their places of interest. The thousand islands are the hot zone for visits. The place is well known for its beautiful and serene surroundings. It is such a great place to exchange vows, treat your loved one or rather chill and cool off from the daily hassles. A thousand Islands is currently open to all those who wish to visit. 

Cars will always remain to be our main form of transport. Not everyone can afford to fly or use any other form to move through distant areas. Since we use our cars more often and as we know damage and breakdown is inevitable, cars fall victim to all that over time. There is no worse feeling than getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with no help. Especially if you are headed to more anticipated and exciting destinations such as Thousand Island. What if you do not have any other source to help you fix up the problem? That is why you need an extended warranty. A-Protect Warranty Corporation takes account of all the unexpected expense that comes in any time your car gets a breakdown or damage. Here is what you need to take I consider before heading out to the Thousand Islands.

  1. Carry with you an emergency kit.

Calamity rings no bearing in mind that it happens anytime and anywhere. An emergency kit is very essential while heading to the Thousand Islands. Anywhere far from home calls for a kit that will help you out in case you get into trouble. Your car needs to have an emergency kit which includes; Wheel spanner, jack, Pliers, Spare tire, Screwdrivers, and an extra spare tire too. On the other side, you also need to carry with you an emergency kit for yourselves and your loved ones. This will include; Multi-function knife, Duct tape, Tweezers, and Flashlight.

  1. Check with the air condition system.

Summer at times can reach extreme temperatures which could be unbearable. Make sure your car has a working Air condition system that will make your ride to the Thousand Island comfortable. This will provide a cool environment for your kids and pets. Nobody would love to ride in a hot car with the scorching heat that could even toast you!

  1. Do oil change if necessary.

Oil is very essential for your car since it provides lubrication to the internal parts of an engine. The engine is always running thus need for a lubricant to cool off and provide lubrication to the parts grinding against each other

  1. Top up fluids and filters.

Apart from the engine oil, a car has other fluids such as the transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, power steering, and brake fluid. You need to make sure that the fluid levels are top-notch before hitting the road. The engine filters should also be cleared of clogged dirt and sand. This will enable the engine to receive clean air that is free of impurities.


If you are looking for a place to create memories then a thousand islands are the place to be this summer. Most of us would probably love to go by our means which is using our cars. The above points are to guide you on what you need to do before starting your journey. An extended warranty should be amongst what you also have to get for your car. We have a wide variety of plans from which you can choose from what best suits you. Need a free quote? +1-866-660-6444 is our free line. You can also write to us via info@aprotectwarranty.com.

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