The rainy season is usually a time to relax off from regular car washes. Most usually think that the rainwater is a good cleaner for their cars and decide to lazy off. This, however, is not a good idea nor is it the smartest thing to do for your car in the name of maintaining it. This is now the time to do away with the short-lived celebration when it rains. Rain has consequences to your car which to some extent could be very devastating. It is very helpful when it comes to getting rid of dirt and sand from your car. At the same time, rain carries with it very toxic elements which can ruin your car and put it in a very bad state.


A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here for you all the time come sun come rain. You need to get an extended warranty from us and put your car in the form you think your car needs to be. Our services and offers are out of the ordinary and do guarantee great protection of your car. Your car is our number one priority.


This article will help you know how rain affects your car. Educate you on what you need to do to maintain your machine every time it rains.


Rain eats off the car’s paint.


The formation of rain involves several activities. Ranging from chemical reactions to the actual formation of clouds. The process of rain formation reactions picks up whatever it finds on its way. From good elements in the air to toxic pollutants emitted from the earth. Some of these elements include; lead and sulfur. After the rain is over, it evaporates off the surface of the car. However, dirt and other elements carried by the rain remain on the car’s body. They form watermarks. At first, you will notice that the shining factor of the car starts diminishing as time goes by. Frequent downpour causes more watermarks formations. They develop into hard stains which are difficult to remove. 


Paint is one important thing for your car leaves alone the beauty. It protects the body panel of your car from elements. Rust is one hell of a nuisance you do not want to deal with. It is one of the main reasons some cars get sent to their graves earlier. This, therefore, calls for an immediate response which is to rustproof your can. Rustproofing is one way of protecting your car against rust.


If you are fond of parking your car in an open space then stop it. This is the right time to get yourself a closed garage or any other place where your car won’t get exposed to rust.


Rainwater is a threat to the engine.


The engine is one of the vital parts which needs to be operational or else your car will stall. The engine is water-phobic. It has internal mechanical components which are always moving and grinding against each other. When water enters the engine, it mixes with oil and creates a dense thick emulsion. When this emulsion finds its way to most parts of the engine, it leaves behind a trail of damage to these parts. The most affected parts are the pistons and crankshaft. Therefore, when it rains, make sure you get under the bonnet to check up for signs of a water inhabited engine. The common sign is the change in oil color where it turns less opaque. The engine will also start to overheat due to loss of the coolant level. Failure to check up on your engine often will lead to a complete stall engine. Repairing the engine or rather purchasing a new one is something you should never want to experience. This is why; we as A-Protect Warranty Corporation are here for you. You need to purchase a powertrain extended warranty for your car. It covers parts that are responsible for the movement of the car. These are; Engine, Transmission, and the driveshaft.




Rain should not make you celebrate that your car is getting a free wash. You know what its consequences are. The health of your car is the number one priority you need to consider. A car’s good health can get achieved by maintaining your car in a good manner. Next time when it rains please do the above maintenance tips. No matter how good your car is, it will never be anti-damage or cannot break down. Rain is one of the factors which can make your car start developing problems. As we all know maintaining a car is usually not a walk in the park. The high expenses and costs are amongst what makes car owners have a rough time. A-Protect Warranty Corporation has decided to take in its hands. The responsibility of managing expenses resulting out of damages and breakdown. We offer extended warranties ranging from basic one to more complex and comprehensive. Our prices are fair and friendly.


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