Powertrain is a composition of parts in a car that are responsible for the movement of the car. This means that all the parts that are involved in the conversion of engine power into actual movement of the wheels. These components include; Engine, Transmission, Axle, and Differential. All these parts are vital in a car whereby a failure in any of the above can get you stuck. Because these parts are important, you need to keep an eye on them at all times. Any damage to these parts calls for enormous expenses which could be too much to meet.

The powertrain components are essential for a car. Get your car a powertrain warranty. This is a form of an extended warranty that will cover repair expenses associated with powertrain components. Immediately after coming out of that car dealership, pass through us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation. Do not ignore an extended warranty because your new car has the manufacturer’s warranty. It won’t last for long especially if you want to keep your car for long. That is why you need to get an extended warranty.

Malfunction and breakdown are common in the powertrain parts. This article will highlight some of the common causes behind the malfunctioning of these parts.


Powertrain malfunction.


Any time your car’s informative display shows a powertrain warning light, it should be a matter of immediate concern. If you go on without being vigilant then you are in for a rude shock. Signs of a powertrain malfunction are; Reduces speed, Unusual handling, Overheating, and Growling noise under the bonnet. You need not waste any time. Visit a service center with immediate effect. Through A-Protect Warranty Corporation, you need only to make a claim call then all is well.


Reasons behind powertrain fault.


The powertrain system is similar to the heart and brain of us humans. Made up of vital components. Without their normal functioning, a car won’t move an inch unless pushed. The faultiness is usually more with cars that have been used for a while or are older. Below are the specific powertrain parts and reasons for their malfunctions;




It is one of the parts that form up the powertrain system. We always want our cars to be in smoothest working condition ever. But without maximum care and protection to the engine, then forget it. Many automakers always perfect the engine of their models one after the other. Hard work and ingenuity are usually in place at high levels. The fact stills remain that there will be no machinery that is immune to damage. Here are the reasons which cause most of the engine failures for our cars.


1.Failure to get an oil change- Oil change is necessary for your engine after every 3,000 miles unless you are using synthetic oil. Oil is responsible for lubrication and regulating the temperature of the internal parts. After driving for given miles, you need to change it for another since it loses quality over time


2.Engine detonation- When you hear a noise under the bonnet, visit the mechanic at once. If you prolong driving with that noise will cause permanent damage to the pistons, head gaskets, and piston rings. This problem is usually a result of the generation of too much heat in the combustion chamber.


3.Blocked engine radiators– The radiator is responsible for engine cooling. You need to avoid using hard water since it corrodes the radiator over time. A failed radiator will cause overheating to the engine.




The transmission system is also important. It is responsible for the conversion of engine power to the wheels. It can come as either manual or automatic depending on the car’s model. The physics behind it is very complex hence the need for more care and protection.


4.Low transmission fluid– Overheating is a serious problem which you should never a low for your transmission. It is a real killer for most of the transmissions out here. Transmission fluid is responsible for cooling down the transmission. The levels need to be at the right amounts to avoid any inconveniences.


5.Solenoid problems– Solenoid is responsible for regulating the flow of fluid through the transmission. The common sign of solenoid issues is slipping of the transmission.




As we can see above, the powertrain system comprises important parts which need to be taken good care of. Failure to do so, you are in for a rough experience. This is because the cost of repairing damaged parts of the powertrain is expensive. You can spend over $3,000 and above $2,000 to fix an engine and transmission. What if you can’t manage? Come get an extended warranty from us at A-Protect Warranty Corporation. Our powertrain warranty is very inclusive and guarantees maximum protection of your car and your wallet. +1-866-660-6444 is our direct line. You may write if need via

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