The experience initially associated with purchasing a new car is usually unforgettable. Most car enthusiasts will treat their brand-new toys like precious and delicate stones. Just like any other car out here, your brand new Nissan used car warranty is never immune to damage and problems. Don’t be sweetened by the fact that the car will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This does not last for a very long time. Most factories ’ warranty only lasts for a period of up to 3 years. Such a short period!

Your car needs that extra touch of protection. This is now where we as A-protect warranty corporation come in. We are a B+ Accredited company with over 22 years in the game.

Getting an extended warranty for your Nissan is very key since it guarantees reliability and also strengthens the life of your car. If you wish to keep your car for long then don’t hesitate to get one. This article is an eye-opener to those seeking knowledge and information concerning extended warranties. Well, keep reading!


What is an extended warranty?


An extended warranty is an insurance plan which one purchases besides the original carmaker’s warranty. It plays a very crucial role in catering to the expenses associated with the repairs and maintenance of your car. You get it for your car either before the expiry of the factory’s warranty or after. Otherwise the earlier the better.


Price of an extended warranty.


Most car dealers immediately pop in the offer of an extended warranty after you purchase a car. There are tons of warranty providers out here we being included. The choice is usually up to you. Most extended car warranties vary in price according to the type of plan you want to purchase, mileage of the car, and the model too. The prices vary between 1,000$ to 3,000$ according to the type of plan/policies you have selected.

Before jumping and landing to a conclusion, it is advisable to go through a number or variety of providers to come up with a better decision. Here at extended car warranty rates, we offer affordable and best deals which are more appealing compared to other third-party dealers. Why not us! Visit us.


Importance of an extended warranty.


Too much excitement after purchasing your new or used Nissan used car warranty might lead you to forget about one very important aspect which is getting an extended warranty. You may miss out on one of the greatest things your car ever needs. Extended warranties carry with them a package of very soothing benefits some of which include;


  1. Peace of mind.


There is nothing in this world that generates frequent stress and annoyance over time than a problematic car. Imaging hitting the road tarmac stress-free and listening to your favorite jam. Sounds very seamless and soothing! This is what extended warranties offer. Every expense is under an extended warranty and you won’t need to use any penny from your wallet to fix any issues.


  1. Promote savings.


Calamities ring no bell as anything happens anytime. You may get yourself stuck with repairs that can be major or at times minor. All this requires money to be dealt with. An extended warranty kicks in immediately after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty. This will save you a lot and improve your savings spirit. If you are a person living under a budget then you are well secure.


  1. Maintains a high resale value.


The probability of selling a used car that has an extended warranty at a high price is high and comes at a fair deal. This is due to the extended warranty that comes in handy. It boosts the buyer’s confidence that he/she is getting a reliable and smooth performing Nissan used car warranty. You as the owner will be left with the cash on one hand and smile on the other hand. All these only happens as a result of an extended warranty.


Costs saved by an extended warranty for your Nissan.

The amount of cash associated with the repair and maintenance of your Nissan without an extended warranty is very enormous. Costs associated with the repair of your Nissan vary depending on; driving skills, car model, and mileage.

Below is a brief list of repair costs for your Nissan;

  1. Nissan AC compressor will cost you a whopping $700-$1,100.
  2. Rogue fuel pump changing will eat you over there 500 bucks.
  3. New GT-R Gasket costs not less than $1500.

All these prices are no joke to anyone. The above estimate is just to take a picture of how handling the expenses without an extended warranty can be very rough for you. Are ready and willing to face all these expenses. The definite answer is no! What are you waiting for, get an extended warranty from us and be on a clear path with your Nissan extended warranty?



Let’s get real here, the only option to protecting your Nissan from unexpected warranties is by getting an extended warranty. Put yourself in the shoes of a person whose factory’s warranty is over, what next after that? Your Nissan now starts developing issues and problems that pose a threat to your financial ability. Imagine seeing your once brand new toy being towered away to its graveyard due to its problematic behaviors that pose unending bills to you.

Getting an Extended warranty is the only remedy to these unexpected expenses that are brought about by your Nissan. It will also enhance the health of your car and promote a smooth driving experience. Visit us at A-protect warranty corporation for an extended warranty worth a great deal. We are just a phone call away. Hit the dial at +1-866-660-6444(toll free) or write to us  through

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