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Many car enthusiasts always want a car that ‘’performs’’. What this entails varies from; Great speed pick up, braking, acceleration, and excellent off-roading power with many more. A perfect-performing car is always a must for anyone who owns or wishes to own a car. However, roads have now become a hindrance factor. They impact the way your car is performing either positively or negatively. The road is currently the basic mode of transport used by entire everyone on the globe. We have two common forms of roads; tarmac roads and all-weather roads. These two have a great effect on how your brand new or used car works when you hit the road.

We all want to give our cars that love and care as much as we can. But despite all the efforts we put in place, breakdowns will never be inevitable. Sometimes damages do occur and demand a lot of money to repair. All these happens either with the road conditions or just normal wear and tear. The sad thing is now being unable to meet the repair expenses associated with the damages. This is why A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here. Purchase an extended warranty from us and secure your vehicle from any damage-related expenses that could arise as a result of bad road conditions.

Bad road conditions affect the transmission system.


This is one part of a car that is very vital in ensuring the wheels of your car move. It is responsible for converting the energy from the engine into mechanical energy. This process happens through a series of events which include gears and belts that convey power from one another. A hilly road makes your car’s transmission more vulnerable to damage and breakdown. The rate of damage increases if you are fully loaded past the maximum required weight and going uphill. This generates stress to the internal parts of the transmission system causing drastic wear and tear to the gears.

Any failure to the transmission system is something you don’t want to hear of. This is because repairing the transmission systems is very expensive and replacing them is even more. However, this should not be a point to worry about. We got your back especially if you are mostly exposed to such conditions.

Weaken the car’s suspension.


Bad roads are very harmful to the suspension of your car. Suspension is responsible for smoothing out your ride and providing proper handling and control. In other words, the suspension system increases the friction between the ground and the tires. The system is made up of the chassis which supports the cab of the car, springs that hold up the weight of the car and also absorb road shocks, and the anti-sway bar which is used to shift movement of the wheels. All these parts need to be in good form and shape so that you may experience a smooth ride. Bad roads which are filled with portholes tend to weaken the suspension system over time. Frequents bumps into these holes reduce the functionality of the shock absorber. Overloading is also another problem. A weakened suspension means that the stability of the car reduces together with control.


How to survive bad road conditions?


A bad road on condition is amongst the leading factors globally of road carnages. No matter how perfect you are, you can fall victim in any circumstance. Bad roads are very dangerous to the life of the driver and the cars too. Poor road conditions include; Portholes, slippery roads after rain, Faded road markings, road debris, and ice patched roads after snowing. There are several ways in which you can about while suing such kind of roads.

  1. Adjust your speed- Speeding on bad road conditions is like digging your own grave. Also, slow down and drive at a steady speed and keep your eyes on the road.
  2. Avoid portholes or ice patches- It is wise to evade them since portholes for example could be deeper than you thought.
  3. Maintain a safe distance from the cars in front of you. This will help you avoid portholes rather than being too close to a car and driving blindly.




There is nothing very troublesome and worrying than driving on a road that has poor conditions. This is one way of trying suicide with your life and that of the car. Poor road conditions carry a lot of catastrophes you don’t want to get yourself in. Your vehicle can get damaged anytime and anywhere and at the same time, you might get injured too as a result.

An extended warranty is very important in such and of situations. The health and well-being of your car are always up to you. You might decide to face your problems head to head but this won’t work out well. This is why we are here as A-Protect Warranty Corporation. Our extended warranties will cover your car’s repairs as a result of damages and breakdowns associated with bad road conditions. Get in touch with us via phone at +1-866-660-6444 or write to us at

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