An extended warranty is a coverage warranty purchased for a car, be it new or used. Its purpose is to cover repair charges and expenses you as the individual should be responsible for. However, our human minds have been set that whatever thing we hear or see has got to have limitations. Getting an extended warranty is not a waste of time since it guarantees coverage of your car in any circumstance bad events occur. There are providers out there, some good while others bad. Services and prices of policies differ amongst them.

Here at A-protect Warranty Corporation, we offer the best-extended warranties ranging from basic ones to more complex ones. Our team of well-dedicated customer care and selected service centers are ready waiting for you.

We all have to agree that there is nothing soo clean and pure with zero errors. To some extent, an extended warranty has limitations which are down below as you keep on reading. But this should not make you change up your decision of getting an extended warranty. We A-Protect Warranty Corporation offer amazing deals you should never miss.


Extended warranty does not include health coverage.


In case a catastrophic event happens and you get injured, only the car’s damage expenses will be covered. You will be left out This is the reason why many opt to go for the insurance policies that are inclusive of third-party individuals. 


Does not cover all repairs.


Extended car warranties do not cover everything that is under the body of a car. Don’t fall for a sweet deal without asking about the extent of the coverage. You need to be sure of the parts which are covered so that in case of a repair claim, you get sorted out. There are a variety of plans which are meant to cover different parts of the car. Always go through the fine print with care and note out specific details such as the parts included in different plans and those that are emitted. This will guide you all through. There are two main plans;

  • Powertrain- This is a policy that covers parts of a car that are engaged in the process of locomotion such as; Engine, driveshaft, and transmission.
  • Bumper to Bumper- It is a much comprehensive kind of warranty that covers everything from the rear bumper to the front bumper. These parts are; The car’s electronics, audio system, and air conditioning.

Make sure to ask the provider for more details and clarification concerning the type of coverage you opt to buy. 


Basic maintenance needs to be done by yourself.


Remember, not all the burden of maintenance and taking care of your car will be left to the provider. This is because an extended warranty doesn’t cover damages that arise due to a lack of maintenance. You are required to do some regular maintenance practices by yourself. These minor activities include; Battery performance check, oil exchange, transmission, and another basic fluid checkup. This could lead up to draining your wallet to cater for those small maintenance issues. Apart from the monthly premiums increase the rate at which you spend your own money. You may also end up calling to make a void claim for a simple task such as thread check which you are required to do by yourself. Go through the fine print well and note out parts that your car has been covered.


The chances of using an extended car warranty are minimal.


Similar to getting life insurance, the chances of you using it are usually low. Yes, disaster rings no bell but at times it just doesn’t happen that often and faster. This means that you may be paying for something you will never use. But then another question pops in. What if you get yourself into very serious issues that you can’t meet financially? This is when you will remember that extended warranty you neglected or ignore. If you purchase it then be sure that someday it will save and help you a lot.




The fact that an extended warranty has got limitations is undebated. As we know, almost everything has setbacks. This should not interfere with your aim of safeguarding and securing your car. No matter what circumstances, we all want to maintain our high investments and assets with the highest possible means. An extended warranty despite the mentioned setbacks is perfect for that.

This is why we A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to protect the well-being of your car. The drawbacks listed above should not mess up with the idea of getting an extended warranty. You can get in touch via our team for any inquires concerning extended warranties. Our phone number is +1-866-660-6444(toll-free). Send us emails at

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