Just like our own bodies, cars are made up of parts that depreciate over time and require repairs. Failure to do so may lead to more serious problems which can turn your once precious toy into a rotting piece of metal in a junkyard. Damage and breakdown are inevitable in cars, sometimes the repair costs surpass our pocketability. Parts such as the engine and transmission are amongst the most expensive parts to repair. This calls for maximum care and protection for your car to avoid being a victim of spending high on repairs expenses.

Before getting deep down with the maintenance and care of your car, don’t forget about a used car warranty. This is a coverage plan which you can purchase for your used car either from the car dealerships or a third-party provider. Please don’t rely so much on the factory’s warranty if your used car has it since it doesn’t last long. It is wise to make sure before you purchase it to confirm with the previous owner if it had warranty coverage.


Ensure you go through the owner’s manual.


Make sure to go through the car’s manual keenly and note down key information about the car. This includes; tips on how to maintain and take good care of the car, warranty information of the car, and other features of the car. This will enlighten you concerning the issue of a warranty on the car. Expenses associated with huge repairs are one thing you need to avoid. Make sure your used car has a warranty on it. If not, get one from us.


Confirm with your engine coolant.


This section in the engine acts as an anti-freeze since it where special chemicals are put in to make the engine run in even colder weather. When an alert pops in on your car’s info displays, it means that your engine is overheating. It is advisable to regularly pop under the hood to check the fluid levels by yourself. In cases where you hit the road for a road trip or long-distance travel, always carry with you an extra coolant. This will help you in case you get impromptu alerts about the engine is overheating or rather low levels of the coolants. Engine coolants need to be changed after every 5 years. Also, don’t forget about the extended warranty. This will be very useful in case your car runs into engine-related issues. 


Check on wheels.


 A car’s wheels are very vital and need extra care and protection. 

A slight issue on the tires and rims is very life-threatening to the driver, passengers, and pedestrians. Don’t wait till it’s too late to fix, make it your mandate to check your tires all time to make sure the pressure is balanced. Before igniting your car, make sure to check with your wheels. Running on imbalanced wheels can cause damages to the car’s chassis and axle. Used car warranties are here for that, one of the benefits enjoyed is the free wheel spinning that is done annually. This helps put your car in good form and shape. Make your wheels a concern by covering them with one of the used car’s warranty policies.


Change oil regularly.


The engine’s oil is one important fluid that runs inside the engine every time your car is in motion. It is responsible for cooling and providing lubrication to the engine. It needs to be changed every 5,000 miles since the lubrication property of it diminishes over time. Failure to change it over time is calling problems upon others. First, failure to change your oil will cause the formation of sludge. It is caused by the frequent heating and cooling of the oil. The sludge becomes thick hence not moving freely inside the engine. Second, the lubrication property of the oil reduces over time. Using the oil beyond the maximum period is of no help to the engine. This means that the internal components of the engine grind against each other bringing causing friction. A used car warranty is inclusive of the oil change. This will ensure your engine is healthy and stable to run for more years.


Drive carefully.


Good driving habit pulls you closer to a healthy and well-performing car. Always make sure you treat your car with care while driving. Avoid reckless driving with acts such as emergency braking for no reason, engaging gears without proper flow, overspeeding, and overtaking carelessly. All these habits are very harmful to the life of the car. Transmission and engine-related issues may arise and as we know they cost several bucks to get done with. Secure a used car warranty and be on the safe side.


Check on battery life.


There is no way you can start a car without a battery unless you opt to jumpstart the car. Cleanliness and regular checkup will ensure the life of your battery is longer. Corrosion on the terminal will hinder the flow of current needed to power up ignition and other accessories. The rust and corrosion formed on the battery terminals also pose permanent damage to the internal battery cells. That will call for a replacement.




A car needs protection and care for long smooth use and experience. You need to put into practice the above points in case you wish to keep your car for a long period. Used cars are usually exposed to very many risks since most of them are usually used over a long time and in one way lack a warranty on them. Without handling these cars with care, you are in for a big shock. Immediately after purchase, get a used car warranty for your used car. This is one way of securing your financial ability and also the life of the car.

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