Quebec City was founded by the late Samuel De Champlain in the 1500s. He was an explorer who came after Jacques Cartier; the one who originally discovered the place. Quebec city is located in eastern Canada. The name ”Quebec” came out of the native’s word ”kebek”. It means:  ”where the river narrows”. This is a city that has a deep history behind it and the story is something else you need to hear of. The city has a vast French-speaking population. If you are a good French speaker then that is the right place you need to be. The official language in Quebec is French.

Apart from the deep and interesting history of Quebec, the city is extraordinarily beautiful. The stunning and amazing sites of the city are eye-catching. The city is full of life with robust nature creating a serene and peaceful environment for you and your loved ones. The good vibes blended with the beautiful nature of Quebec bring out spectacular and amazing pictures of Quebec. Late spring and early summer between June to September and December to February are ideal for visit Quebec. The Carnival which is a Winter celebration id marked when February begins. In short, there are not times when Quebec gets boring. Tourists flock into the city all-time with vast activities being available in the city. If you have a car and plan on getting to Quebec then don’t use it without an extended warranty. This is to help you tick your checklist of want to need to have before getting to Quebec. You need an extended warranty all-time leave alone getting to the city. Despite Quebec being a nice place to visit, damages and breakdowns can never be avoidable. An extended warranty will safeguard you from unexpected expenses which come in as a result of damage.

Below are the top 5 things which you need to do while you are in Quebec.

Attending the Winter Carnival festival.

This is an annual festival that kicks in when February begins. It marks the beginning of winter times. It is a long-time tradition that has been happening with the past generations. The Quebec winter carnival is the oldest and the largest festival that still happens Tons of tourists pour in from all corners of the country to come and experience their life fun. From cross country skiing to riding horse-drawn sleighs and dog sledding. Quebec is a true definition of wonderlands and a place that will quench your thirst for fun. Not forget about the party king ”Bonhomme”. A sculpture crafted from ice. The badge one gest during the first day of entry will serve you for the next 3 weekends. Such a great value!

Take a ride on the famous Quebec-Levis ferry ”

A twelve-minute ride on the st Lawrence river is also another activity you should never miss while in Quebec. The river is a great spot for viewing the magnificent beauty between Quebec and Levis cruising on a ferry. You get to see the amazing architecture of the old Quebec city together with other eye-catching things.

Visiting the Aquarium de Quebec.

The famous Aquarium de Quebec is well known for its two polar bears; Eddy and Tiaga. On top of that, there are over 12,000 marine animals you need to spot. This is such a great place highly recommended for kids of all ages. There is also an outdoor center where your kids can enjoy other water sports such as water slides and other water games. If you want to make your kids happy then look no further.

Check out the traditional culture.

The Huron traditional site is a must-visit place in case you want to experience the culture of the natives. The site offers a wide scope into the Huron-Wendat culture. You will also get to learn of the past legends and stories about their culture and traditions.

Chill overlooking the Montmorency falls.

The Montmorency river offers an amazing site which is the Montmorency falls. The falls are one place you can visit all year round. You can ride above the fall using a zip line or cable car. For only a small fee, you will have a lifetime of fun.


Quebec is such a great place full of history that needs to be visited. In your 2021 must-visit places, Quebec should be marked on your checklist. The city offers what most will relate to as lifetime fun. From the breathtaking sites to the deep history of the city and the traditions of the native. Do not forget about getting an extended warranty. Your car is our number one priority. Contact us directly via phone at +1-866-660-6444. You can also write to us via

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