Accidents and disasters generally do not alarm anyone before they happen. Something terrible can happen anytime and anywhere without prior alarming. Car carnage is the number one killer on our roads. It’s because a huge percentage of the population mainly depends on cars fro day to day activities. There are also different types of drivers. Some are being careful while others are just too reckless. Another cause of accidents is the quality of drivers. We have the professional ones and also newbies who are incompetent. However, accidents do not judge out whether you are too qualified to be a driver or how perfect you are. They can hit anyone despite their experience or age.

At times, the type of vehicles could also be a cause for accidents. An-road-worthy vehicles are a great cause of accidents. These cars always have faults such as a failed braking system or engine and transmission-related problems. Roads are also another cause of accidents. Some roads could have portholes which are very risky or some can be too steep and bumpy. Despite all those issues, accidents occur and will continue to occur. We, therefore, need to be vigilant with how we drive. Another thing that can help prevent these accidents is taking good care of our cars. A poorly maintained car has a high chance of getting into an accident than a properly maintained one.

A badly maintained car will fall victim to accidents. Care and maintenance are required. One way of protecting your car is by getting an extended warranty for your car. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to help you out. We offer extended warranties at affordable rates. Our extended warranties guarantee maximum protection from unexpected expenses that occur as a result of accidents.

 Here in Canada, there are rules and requirements one needs to follow when involved in an accident. This article will guide you through. Keep reading!




These are the major requirements you are supposed to do when involved in an accident. No matter how minor the accident is, always STOP! Never should you think of driving away from the scene? Many individuals always panic and speed off avoiding get in trouble or being arrested if he/she is the one carrying the blame. It is wise to stop if not injured, come out of the car, and assess the situation. If the accident is very minor, you can chart a way forward with the one you have collided with and sort out the situation. If the scene is deadly, go forward and take necessary action.


  1. 2. Protect the scene.


Scene protection is very important as it prevents further accidents by alerting another driver of an accident scene. Setting up flares or using a flashlight while in the dark will be very helpful. Failure to do will lead to more accidents since some drivers could just bump into you and cause more problems.


  1. 3. Report the accident.


Making a call to the necessary bodies which can help you out in that situation should be among your options. You need to make a call to the insurance companies you have insured your car. Insurance companies require immediate calls for the claim and give out enough details of the entire event. Inquire if the policy has your health coverage. Medpay is an extra coverage included in the main car coverage. It is responsible for the health of the driver and passengers. You are also required to make a call to the warranty provider in case your car is warranted. A-Protect Warranty Corporation has the fastest claims process ever with zero paperwork required. Don’t wait to get stuck in a problem. Come get an extended warranty from us.


4.Call the police.


Policed to be informed no matter how minor the accident. This is because a statement from the police will help you get an insurance claim faster. The police will be responsible for clearing traffic within the scene and also clear off the wreck if the accident is serious.


5.Contact your attorney.


It is wise to contact an experienced attorney to help you out with the problem. An attorney will aid in case you are at fault by defending you. He/she will also speed up the process of filing a claim to an insurance company.




If you are involved in an accident and luckily come out unhurt or rather with minor injuries, then this article will be useful. Cars will always be at high risk of getting into an accident. Make sure you drive your car carefully by following the traffic rules and respect your colleague drivers and other road users. Remember to take good care of your car at all times. This makes sure your car is in good shape and condition. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is also ready by your side any time you fall victim to an accident. Accidents can either be major or minor. Our extended warranty is not selective. As long as the parts included in the warranty are damaged, you need not to worry anymore. We shall take over the repair expenses. Get in touch with us at You can call +1-866-660-6444 and get a free quote.

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