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The early migration of Monarch Butterflies, Woodpeckers sheering a tree, and heavy and numerous fogs are usually amongst the early signs of Winter about to come. Winter generally is not loved by many more so car drivers. It is because this season carries with it great risks and disasters. 

Frequent storms, ice slides, and the road blocked and many more issues aren’t new to many. We all try our best to drive well but at the end of the day, mistakes happen and things turn against us. Research has it that during winter, the likelihood or chances of drivers falling into disasters rises by 20% to 80% than on normal seasons.

You need to put in maximum focus while driving during this harsh season. We as will stand by you all through his hard tie. Get an extended warranty from us and make yourself safe during winter. Our customer’s life and their cars are our top priority. A-protect Warranty Corporation is here to stand with you all through the winter. Winter doesn’t affect our great service to customers any way. 

This article will enlighten you on safe habits which can save you during winter‘s snow.


Retreat home if the weather goes bad.


Winter one hell of weather that is never predictable in any way. In case of unpredictable weather conditions, it is better to stay at home to avoid getting yourself in trouble. Common occurrences during winter include; regular storms, snowy roads, and ice-filled portholes. You don’t want to get yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with no help. In case you traveling long-distance always make sure you stop at a nearby motel for a day so avoid any inconveniences that could arise as a result of a bad snowy condition. Check up on regular weather updates so that you can be alerted soon enough.


Drive with working lights and wipers.


Every time you get into your car, make sure you have working lights and windshield wipers. If you are fond of parking your car in places that have no shelter then you are in for a rude shock. This is because falling snow may form mountains onto your car including the windshield. You need to clear all that with a working windshield wiper. Also while you are driving and it is snowing, your wiper needs to run at all times. The windshield washer should also be inspected to make sure that it has an anti-ice liquid that helps you wash the windshield well whiles it’s snowing. Lights are also another important factor. They need to up and working. Clean or replace them if they aren’t working. Driving without lights on while it is snowing calls for a heavy penalty. The light needs to be on to alert oncoming drivers of an approaching car to avoid collisions.

We can help you get set with all these important accessories by purchasing an extended warranty from us.


Drive carefully and cautiously.


During winter, the roads are usually dry hence too easy for you to get down in case of reckless driving. Get rid of the comfort like listening to your favorite jam which can carry off your attention and focus. You need to observe all the requirements and discipline while driving. First, all persons in the car need to put on their safety belts. As a driver, you need to avoid driving too close to cars that are in front of you. Maintain a distance of up to 6 meters. This puts you in a good position where you can avoid collision with the car ahead. You need to maintain the regulated speed and drive at an average speed in case you want to rush. Lane discipline is necessary to avoid any havoc that can arise. Do not ignore any road signs and observe traffic rules in intersections and T-junctions.


Check on breaks and tires.


Before hitting down a snowy road, you need to make sure your car’s tore are brakes are in good shape and form. Tires need to have the right amount of pressure at all times. The cold temperatures may cause flattening at times. You also remove your normal tires and fix all-weather ones or those specifically meant for winter. Check on the brake fluid too. The fluid level should be on point to enhance a smooth braking experience during the harsh winter season. The brake pads which are very key while breaking need to be changed when worn out. Winter calls for extra care while driving. You need to put into action all the driving habits that are needed. For all that to happen, your car needs to be in great condition. An extended warranty will help you a lot. There are different plans which cover essential parts of the car which are usually expensive to repair in case of damage.




Winter comes with unexpected consequences both positive and negative. Misfortunes however occur a lot during this harsh period of the year. You must adhere to good driving habits during winter to make sure you plus the car see summer in one peace. We as shall stand by you be it the good or bad times. Your life and the life of our car are our top priority. We offer extended warranties at an affordable rate. This warranty will help you out through the winter period. Any arising issue will be dealt with by our team of experts at designated service centers.

We are just a phone call away. Hit us up via +1-866-660-6444 (tool-free). You can also write to us via info@a-protectwarranty.com. Our team of friendly customer care will you sort you out.

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