How to get the best extended warranty rates in 2021


Shopping for an extended car warranty is pretty easy, especially if you are buying a used car. Car dealers would most certainly offer to give you extended warranty coverage to enable their customers to stay protected in event their cars break down due to some unforeseen reason.

However, did you consider if this is the only option? When buying an extended car warranty must it be at the dealer’s shop? Of course not. Before purchasing an extended car warranty it is important that you compare rates with other dealers or third-party options including online extended warranty companies.

To begin with, we will give you information on everything you need to know while choosing an extended car warranty option for yourself.

What is an extended car warranty? This is extra insurance coverage you buy for your used or new car that kicks off once the factory warranty your car comes with is expired.

The extended car warranty lasts longer and may sometimes offer new coverage than the factory insurance your car comes with. So, it is of paramount importance that you get an extended car warranty if you still want to enjoy the coverage you got from your factory insurance.

Purchasing an extended warranty

The process is easy and simple. It’s either you buy at your dealer shop or go for a third party option which is what A-Protect Warranty Corporation offers.

One of the advantages of buying an extended warranty at a third party company is that you most likely would get more coverage than buying at a dealer shop. Let’s not get confused, getting your extended warranty at a dealer shop is good, but a third party option may be better and quicker.

Here at A-protect warranty, we offer quality and great coverage to our customers.

What you need to know when buying an extended warranty

Cost of deductible

When buying an extended warranty, don’t be so carried away by the coverage options they render. The cost of the deductible should be a small token normally.

Getting an extended warranty option is aimed at protecting your vehicle for a small exchange of money. Still in doubt? Try costing the average or three or four repairs offered by the company. Compare it to the cost of the deductible, if the coverage is higher then be rest assured you are getting your money’s worth.

Authorized auto shops

Bear in mind that most extended car warranty providers give you coverage for auto service. However, if you take your car to your local mechanic or anywhere that is not authorized or recommended by your extended warranty option, you are at loss.

This will only result in you paying extra money already covered by your extended warranty. It is important to know this beforehand.

Components coverage

There are sections of extended warranty options that cover a different number of components like brakes, hoses, engines, etc. All this varies with different providers. Compare components coverage before buying.


This is the best advice. Try not to be in a hurry to grab the first option you get. Explore! Even if it means parking your car at home and taking the bus till you find a certified extended warranty provider.

The best extended warranty

Now we are sure you’ve gained knowledge on how to shop for the best extended warranty rates. If you’ve gotten to this point, congratulations! You just found yourself a great extended warranty provider. Consider filling out our quote and exploring all the coverage options we offer.

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