How safe driving habits can protect your car in winter’s snow

travelling in the winter

We all try to be good drivers to steer clear of accidents and unexpected disasters, but it’s safe to say that sometimes we drive badly. This could be as a result of careless driving, anger or an emotional breakdown.

Most of the times, it’s just mistakes. These mistakes can also cost you your life or that of a loved one. If this is you, bad driving habits take a different toll during the winter season. If the damages caused by the usual reckless driving is 60%, it would increase drastically to about 80% or more during winter. A-protect warranty urges drivers to maintain safe driving habits, especially during winter.

Nonetheless, our extended car warranty packages cover most of the damages and costs for repairs even in winter.

In this article, we will discuss some safe driving tips to maintain during the winter season.

Stay home if weather is really bad

You can never be so sure, what the weather has in stock for you every day. And it gets worse during winter. The best advice is to stay at home in such weather. If the journey is not important, it’s best to stay home rather than risking your life driving on a snowy or icy road.

In the case of getting stuck on the road, or a storm comes up while you’re driving
Look for a motel or hotel at least and stay put. There’s no point driving further, you’d still get stuck at some point.

Make sure your lights work and you can see

If you make little to no use of your windshield whispers, that won’t be the case during winter. Unless you decide to take the bus which may not always be available for you. If you’re the type that packs your car outside, of course, the snow will have built mountains in it by morning. Be sure to clean your windshield very well, make sure the whispers are working and strong. Depending on the last time you changed your whispers, it may be better to get new ones for the winter season just to be on the safe side.

Inspect your windshield washer too, make sure it contains anti-ice fluids to help you wash of snowflakes while driving. Before leaving your house, make sure your lights work. It’s surprising what snow does to your lights. And if you don’t inspect it before driving out, chances are other drivers may not see your car and it may result in an accident. So be sure to clean out those lights. If the covers are old from wear and tear and hinder your lights from shining brightly, opt for new ones.

Be extra cautious while driving

Driving in the snow is not the time to get distracted or flow with the rhythm of the music playing. Always make sure to buckle your seat belt, if there’s someone else in the car they should too. Keep at least 6 meters away from the car in front of you to avoid colliding with the car and causing havoc.

Drive slowly or at an average speed if you’re in a hurry. Be on the lookout for intersections and T-junctions covered with slow. Driving too fast and changing lanes can cause skidding and make you lose control of the steering wheel. Let’s not forget that it’s winter, usually, the road is dry and you can easily get away with bad driving habits but that is not the case during the winter season.

Check your tires and brakes

If there’s a period in your life where your car tires and breaks need extra care, it would be during the winter season. Make sure your tire pressure is on the right change. Depending on the temperature drops, you will need to inspect your car tires. Change your tires to preferably an all-season tire or a winter tire. With this, you won’t get worked up about your car losing grip. Check your brakes, make sure it contains the right amount of brake fluid before you go out. Carry a spare brake fluid too, in case of break downs. Driving in the snow requires you to be extra careful and that means you would use your brakes more often. Change your brake pads if needed.


Regardless of where you are going or what season of the year it is, remember to get yourself an extended car warranty just in case of unexpected events.

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