What are the Limitations of an extended car warranty and what to do about it

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If you own a used car, getting an extended car warranty is a good decision by any means. However, we believe everything has its limitations and that includes your extended warranty plan. There’s no reason to get confused when trying to understand extended warranty packages and not minding the limitations, you still get premium coverage with one of our plans.

An extended car warranty is basically a protection plan that lasts longer than your original factory warranty. Most providers offer different types of coverage and you need to know which one serves your needs best . This warranty covers repairs for your car’s mechanical and electrical components.

Extended warranty does not cover health damages

An extended car warranty may be great, but it doesn’t cover payments of possible injuries you or a third party may have incurred in an accident or the course of a break down. This is why it is advisable to purchase other auto insurance plans that offer additional benefits for covering any medical issues so you don’t have to pay medical bills for injuries that happened as a result of accidents or car breakdowns.

Extended warranty doesn’t cover all repairs

As much as the cover offered may be great, the extended car warranty does not cover all repairs. Damages as a result of natural disasters, fire outbreaks, and collisions are not covered in the extended car warranty.

However, bigger extended car warranty options offer greater coverage to your car than the following ones. Consider exploring all the extended warranty options at the A-protect warranty cooperation before making a choice. Remember, the bigger the better.

You need to do Basic maintenance for your car

You are required to perform your basic car maintenance. Some basic maintenance includes oil changes, tire pressure, transmissions fluids, spark plugs, battery performance checks, to mention just a few.

Please do ensure to read the whole extended car warranty policy to be aware of all these to avoid confusing yourself and making a void claim.

That aside, basic maintenance is just as important as taking yourself to the hospital for checkups. You get to find out components that may spark a break down and prevent that in time.

It will help prevent you from making a lot of claims in a single year.

In conclusion, extended car warranty coverage is limited to certain things, some of which are not covered here. If you have any questions or you want to purchase an extended car warranty from A-protect warranty cooperation, do not hesitate to call us on 1-866-660-6444. we have great customer service ready and available to serve you. WithA-protect warranty, the safety of your car is guaranteed.

Consider filling out a free quote to explore our extended warranty options.

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