Seasonal Auto Maintenace: How to Protect Your Car if You Don’t Have a Garage

winter auto maintenace

Winter can take quite a toll on your vehicle. While some vehicle owners are fortunate enough to be able to park in a garage, others have to park outside. Below, you will find out how to protect your car if you will be parking your car outdoors during the harsh winter months.

Portable carport

Purchasing a portable carport is an inexpensive way of keeping weather elements from taking a toll on your car. There are various coverings, tents, and tarps from which to choose. They are available in several colours and sizes. When buying yours, make sure that it is the right size and easy to fit your car into, even in a hurry.

Waxing and polishing

car waxingWax is excellent for sealing the paint on your vehicle. Not only is this beneficial during the hot summer months, but it is also good to have that extra layer of protection during the winter. Many drivers agree that there is nothing like professional wax to help protect your car. Shelf products work for a while but they don’t last as long or work nearly as well. Polishing your car regularly (but not too frequently) is also great for protecting the paint both in summer and winter seasons.


During the warmer months, the sun can take its toll on the interior of your vehicle. If you have ever parked your car on a hot day only to return to something that resembles a sauna, then you can benefit from sunshades. Sunshades reflect the light so that your car stays cool. They are also a great way of protecting various interior features of your car like the upholstery, trim, and dashboard. Components such as your dashboard can become dry and brittle, and they can eventually crack. Special shades can also be fitted to your rear passenger windows, these will help keep repel the sun and heat even while driving.

Regular washing

Whether you drive your car all day or only to work and back, you can be sure that dirt and debris will accumulate over time. There is no way of avoiding dirt, but regular car washing will help get rid of it and keep your car looking great. If you leave the dirt on your car too long it will eventually cause light scratching and possibly even more severe damage. Professional detailing is often preferred because it is convenient, fast, and offers the best results. Automatic car washes can sometimes do more harm than good and hand washing is time-consuming and over the counter most car wash products are not of the highest quality.

Careful parking

Take care when selecting your parking spot. It’s not just about looking for some shade, but also being aware of the surroundings. Certain trees drop sap which can eat away at the paint on your car. Even sticks and leaves can cause damage. They can stick to your car and release harmful properties that damage the paint.

Dry after a wash

car cleaningAfter washing your car in the summer, it might be tempting to allow it to air dry. If you take it out into the sun after washing it, the UV rays are magnified by the water droplets. This will result in hard water deposits that can become etched on the surface of your car. It can also leave spots on your windows, which make it difficult to see properly. Dry your car thoroughly after every wash to prevent water damage.


If you have the space, you could install a carport to park your car under. During the summer it will offer protection from the sun and any debris from trees. If you install a temporary tarp, the elements will eventually take their toll on the material coverings but it’s better than letting damaging elements have their way with the paint on your car! Plus, who can resist having their very own shaded parking bay at home? It might not be a garage, but it is the next best thing.

Protecting your car is not just about keeping it looking good, mechanical maintenance and having the safety net of a warranty will certainly set your mind at ease. For an extended warranty plan designed to cater to your specific needs, contact A-Protect Warranty at 1-866-660-6444 today.

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