Why to buy extended warranty if your car is working perfectly fine


What is an extended car warranty?

The extended warranty covers the costs of repairing the purchased car. The extension of the guarantee is paid separately and it can be paid every month until it is paid. Extended warranty is offered by a dealer or by a third company from the main warranty which is called factory. It can be included in the price of the car if it is bought by a dealer.

We are calmer 

It doesn’t matter if we have a new or used car, the warranty extension is always a good choice for people who need extra coverage or do not have the opportunity for unexpected car repairs. Once the car warranty expires, it becomes more difficult to avoid paying for repairs or of spare parts without extended warranty.Purchasing an extended warranty protects against expensive unexpected repairs.


Unlike the manufacturer’s warranties, extended car warranties provide unparalleled convenience.Some of the extended warranty extensions allow you to drive the car to authorized service center, while the usual warranty to a specific service center. Buying an extended warranty also allows you to find the best deal and affordable coverage

Car repair

The warranty extension comes with an additional payment unlike the manufacturer’s warranty and therefore makes some people wonder if it is worth buying an extended warranty. But by extending the warranty, if your car breaks down you won’t have to look for and buy expensive parts for it

Resale Value

When extending the warranty, the price of the car at sale is raised, which is transferred through a small fee and so you can protect the car and your buyer. While a used car dealership or individual buyer may not pay extra for the vehicle warranty based on your vehicle service contract, this will affect potential buyers to purchase your vehicle over one that does not have protection.

All new cars enjoy a multi-year warranty, which should complement the manufacturer’s legal liability for defects in materials and provide additional peace of mind for the first few years. The warranty is provided by the central organization of the respective trade mark for the respective state and includes free repair of a technical defect and the resulting damage to other parts of the vehicle.

This can be illustrated with a real example of a reader who describes a specific case of a car of a reputable brand. Such a problem can occur with most other brands, including the most famous.

Compare and select

When choosing a new car we always need to compare the warranty conditions between the cars. Because the parts of each car brand are at a different price and therefore we must always know what the car warranty offers and it is always best to extend it as we wrote above , why to do it and what are the advantages of extending our warranty.

It is always good for cars and for us to extend its warranty if we have such an opportunity, because we do not know when a problem may occur in the car and we will not be able to repair it but need it. Therefore, it is good to even our car is in very good condition. It doesn’t matter if it is new or used, it is always good to be ready and to avoid outgoing expenses, because we may not be able to cover them.

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