Benefits of Buying Aftermarket Warranty for BMW

BMW is not just like any other car. It is a brand, luxurious, classic and expensive. If you own it, you must incur some cost for it. However, the company ensures that the vehicle is made with strong, durable and reliable parts that ensure driver safety and longer use.

However, no machinery is immune to damage. Like any other car, your precious BMW can suffer damage. Maybe the manufacturer’s warranty will cover the repair costs if it is not expired. What about if the factory’s warranty is not there? That is when you will know the benefits of buying an aftermarket warranty for BMW.

Manufacturer Warranty and What It Covers

  • Whenever you buy a new BMW, you will get a manufacturer’s warranty.  The warranty covers different options, including:
  • Powertrain coverage going for four years or 50 000 miles.
  • Corrosion coverage going for 12 years.
  • Basic coverage for four years or 50 000 miles. The cover includes all components apart from the normal maintenance and wear items.
  • Roadside assistance for four years.

Apart from the factory warranty, certified pre-owners of BMW come with another coverage that goes for a year and unlimited miles.

The most expensive and older vehicles usually have issues with the powertrain. To repair the powertrain, you will need not less than 3 000 dollars.

However, BMW does not cover additional powertrain needs apart from the basic coverage. Hence most owners of BMW seek aftermarket warranty. 

The only benefit you have when you buy a BMW extended warranty is that the company will offer you other replacement parts once your vehicle parts spoil. Besides, the company is also prestigious with recognition all over.

However, it is not worth spending extra cost on the warranty, yet you can get the same services from a more affordable and flexible aftermarket company.

So, what are some of the benefits you will get from buying an aftermarket warranty for BMW?


A manufacturer’s warranty only allows you to take your vehicle to specific dealers. That’s where aftermarket warranties beat them. Extended car warranties will allow you to take your car to authorized repair shops; hence you can make your car anywhere at your convenience.

Besides, an extended car warranty allows you to consider the most affordable coverage. For instance, A-protect Warranty Corporation finds high-rated warranties then gives you various options to choose from.

It Saves You Repair Costs

As we have stated above, BMW is amongst those vehicles that have very expensive parts. This means they need very expensive repair costs. Imagine, you will need over 2000 dollars to replace a BMW 328i cylinder head. Do you know that it is costlier than an extended car warranty? Besides, if you purchase a BMW extended car warranty from A-protect warranty corporation, you can still use original and expensive manufacturer parts.

Resale Value

If you wish to resale your car, you can transfer your extended car warranty with it since most companies allow owners to transfer the warranty. While someone else will be selling their car without this warranty, you will be a priority because of this extra benefit you offer.

Other coverings

There are some stressful situations that drivers cannot avoid while on the road. When you have an aftermarket warranty, you will be in a better position, and it can offer you roadside assistance, towing, trip interruption, and many other ways.

Furthermore, roadside assistance is 24/7. You will not worry about how the mechanic will get to you at night. Besides, the company pays for hotel and any other accommodation needs. Is this not a worthwhile thing to try?

Peace of mind

Above all things that are important while driving is peace of mind. If your car breaks down and you had not prepared for it, of course, you will be worried. You do not know how much the mechanic will charge etc. However, when you are covered, you always feel safe that you are sure all your bills will be catered for, even in an emergency.


An aftermarket warranty is not only important for a BMW but also any other car. The benefits this warranty offers are worth any car owner. You do not deserve to pay those huge amounts of dollars, yet A-protect Warranty Corporation offers you the most affordable aftermarket warranty.

If you are among those looking for a hassle-free, flexible and affordable aftermarket car warranty, A-protect Warranty Corporation is the place to find one for your expensive BMW.

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