The car’s air conditioning is one of the greatest inventions pioneered by the earlier automobile makers. Well, the concept behind air conditional can be traced back in history. Egyptians are amongst the former inventors of air conditioning systems which they applied in their houses due to the hot desert temperatures. However, car air conditioning was brought about by Chrysler Imperial models which were the first cars to introduce air conditioning systems. It was until the 80s when there mass a full-scale production of cars with air conditioning. Currently, almost all the newest models are usually equipped with automated air condition.

The air condition and many other car accessories are always prone to damage and breakdown. The air condition itself demands extra care and protection to increase its life and health. Failure to do so will automatically lead to failure. Get your air conditioner repaired and checked will cost you between $150 to $250. That might seem less to some individuals but that won’t be the case to some. We always want to spend less and less frequent on our cars when it comes to damages. No matter how careful we are, our cars will always fall victim to breakdown. This is why you need an extended warranty. An extended warranty works by taking over repair expenses that you as the car owner are supposed to pay. In short, all expenses resulting from damage to the warranted parts are under the warranty provider.


Working Principle of an air conditioning system.


Almost 90% of car owners do not know how car air conditioning works. It is sad when one visits a service center to get a minor problem which can be easily fixed by oneself, done by the servicemen. It is wise to at least know the basics of how an air conditioning system works.

Well, a conditioning system works by using the property of manipulating the refrigerant. Changing it from a gaseous to a liquid state and vice versa. The process begins in the compressor which is mounted on the car’s engine. It is driven by a belt and takes in low-pressure gas and converts it into high-pressure gas. The gas then flows to the condenser which is responsible for reducing the refrigerant temperature while maintaining its pressure. The refrigerant flows to the dryer which removes moisture and other harmful elements from the refrigerant. From the dryer, the refrigerant gets into the evaporator which is located hind the dashboard. It changes the evaporator back to a gaseous state causing a cooling effect.


How to keep your air conditioning system at its best.

Annual service.


It is advisable to at least get your air conditioning system checked once every year. The process will involve checking for any leaks of the refrigerant, damage to any parts of the system, and detection of any other problem. The right time to do so is usually the period before summer begins. Summer comes with scorching hot temperatures which at a time makes driving uncomfortable. You need to make sure you have a working AC before summer begins. Under the bumper-to-bumper warranty, you can get your AC warranted against damages. A-Protect Warranty Corporation offers the best deals in the market. Come get your air conditioning system secured.


Run the defrost mode daily for around 5-10 minutes.


Every morning or any other time before you hit the road, make it a habit of running the AC defrost mode for around 5+ minutes. This will help clear out moisture from the air conditioning system which could lead to the build-up of molds and mildew. A dump system will cause make your cabin to have a bad odor which won’t be tolerable.


Run the AC weekly.


It is amongst the ways of increasing the health of your car’s air conditioning system. You are required to run the AC for around 15 minutes once every week. The purpose of doing so is to keep the refrigerant gas at its optimum pressure. It will also aid in keeping the compressor in a good form and shape thus preventing any damage that may arise.




Many car owners do not care when it comes to recharging the AC. If you are looking to keep your air conditioning system work for long, consider recharging. The refrigerant, which is the liquid that runs through the system, needs to be topped up after every two to three years. You 

need to check the liquid level to confirm that it’s at the right level.


Clean your car.


You need to be passionate about your car when it comes to cleanliness. This is the only option that is closely attached to the good health and shape of a car. The AC acts like a vacuum cleaner. It picks up every debris it finds in the air and sucks it into the system. You need to thoroughly clean your car to clear off any dirt particles. These particles are very harmful to your AC system whereby they fill up and clog the system. Take your time to clean and unclog the AC too.




Air conditioning brings about a luxurious and comfortable feel inside the cabin. All modern cars usually get off the factory’s doors fitted with a working AC. However, due to the kind of work air conditioning does, they fall victim to damage and breakdown. The above tips will keep your air conditioning system in its best state. A-Protect Warranty Corporation through its bumper to bumper warranty will include the air conditioning system to ensure that it if in good shape and form. Give us a call via +1-866-660-6444 for a free quote.

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