Iron oxide is usually the main killer of cars since they are made up of almost 90% metal. Through simple reactions involving moisture and air on the metal, a brownish compound forms on the metal. This is one of the main causes of early deaths in most of the cars we have. No matter how much efforts car makers have, rust will always be a disturbing issue. No car is immune to rust unless it is made up of another material. Over a given period, The iron oxide (rust) eats through the metal making it useless. You should be surprised when your car stalls completely due to rust and not what might seem to be a mechanical breakdown.

Facts have it that rust nowadays is not a serious threat to cars than it was 20 years ago. It is because of the advancement and research put in place. The agenda was to find a better solution to combating this ravaging problem. Specialists have over time engineered and experimented with methods that can work in preventing rust. Thus making the problem less serious in these current times. 2021 is here and is still a good time to rustproof your car. We always want our assets to be in good and serene conditions over a long time of use. Without care and maintenance, we cannot achieve that. This is why A-Protect Warranty Corporation was set up almost three decades ago. The aim of protecting cars owners from the burden of car maintenance. Our extended warranties are worth your car since you never know where and when you will get hit by a disaster. 

2021 is here and rust will always be there. Don’t worry much about that. Rustproofing is here and A-Protect Warranty Corporation is standing by your side.


It a special treatment of your car against rust to parts that are hard to reach and more vulnerable to rust. These are the parts are, A fender, Upper body panels, and the tailgate. It is one of the used techniques of fighting against rust in 2021. Many drivers decide to snob off the good side of rustproofing and decide to use their cars ordinarily. This is one way of exposing your precious machine to great danger that will end up messing with your financial ability. Rustproofing is not an option anymore. This is the time your need to wake up that dreamland and get your car rust-proofed.

Methods of rustproofing.

Several ways can be applied when rustproofing your car. This will make it easier for you to pick out the method which you think is best for you;

1.Using drip oil spray.

It is the common and most preferred form of rustproofing for many car owners. It involves drilling holes on the car’s body and a more viscous spray applied to the parts which are prone to rust. Remember, this method will need reapplication after a given period. The only limitation is that after spraying, the liquid will drip from your car for about two to three days as it dries off. It is advisable to park your car at a convenient space and wait until the car is completely dry.

  1. Tar-based spray.

It is one of the oldest forms of rustproofing which involves the use of a tar-based spray. It is applied to parts that are beneath the car. These p[arts include; wheel wells, flow pans, and other metallic parts that get exposed to rust. These parts get sprayed with tar-based spray that forms a layer over the parts. Acts like a shield against moisture and air. Yet, after a given time, the spray hardens and begins to crack exposing the parts to rust. You need to do frequent check up on the parts sprayed using tar-based spray to make sure it is working fine. 

3.Use of the electric module.

This is a more advanced and modern form of rustproofing. Uses technology to inhibit rust formation on the car’s metallic parts. It is a device that gets attached to the body of the car. Works by emitting an electric current which prevents the reaction of water and air on the metal. Getting one for your car is not that cheap since most of these devices start at a whopping price of over $5,000. The good side of them is that they provide the most protection against rust than the other methods.


Rust was there, is here, and will continue being with us till the end of time. We shouldn’t worry about it anymore but rather learn how to cop and combat it to avoid inconveniences. We can now have a sigh of relief thanks to rustproofing. The techniques mentioned above can help protect our valuable assets from rust. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to protect you. Any damages which can arise as a result of rust must be taken care of. You won’t need to spend even a single dime when you buy an extended warranty from us. Our extended warranties are very extensive and do guarantee peace of life. We are an A+ accredited company being in operation for over 3 decades. Why not us? Visit us at our main offices at 7250 Keele Street, Suite 421, Concord, Ontario, L4K 1Z8 or give us a call via +1-866-660-6444.

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